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Devin B Host

Hi, I'm Devin

I've been a member since March 2022

I’m an outfitter in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada. I take people Waterfowl, Black Bear, and Deer hunting.

I started hunting as a young kid with my dad and have been hunting ever since. I enjoy the outdoors and am lucky to have been raised in a place where the skyline is the boreal forest. I worked in Lloydminster in the oilfield for 10 years before deciding to pursue my passion of hunting, and haven’t looked back since. Outfitting is my full time job which is always a plus when you are a hunter looking to book a hunt cause you know that all the preseason work will be done which is the most important part to a successful hunt. I love outfitting, yes its hard work but is the most rewarding job that I ever had, when you get to see a hunter with a big smile with his trophy it makes every long day worth it. I am excited to share in your Canadian hunting adventure. Hope to see you soon!

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