Sitka Blacktail Deer Hunting

1-2 Guests • Tent • Public • Guided


5-Day Blacktail Deer Hunting

The Sitka Blacktail deer is the most economical way to experience Kodiak. While hunting you can expect to be immersed in the wilderness of Kodiak Island. We have access to a very large hunting area. Tags are over the counter.

The Emerald Island genetically has the biggest Sitka Blacktail deer. They are pretty deer. The double white throat patch is quite handsome on big rutting bucks. The antler configuration is very similar to their cousin the mule deer. Bucks live a fiscal life and it shows. Their bodies muscled up ready to spring uphill at a moment’s notice.

In the Field

While hunting them you can expect to see all the other things Kodiak has to offer. World-class brown bears are often seen on deer hunts. Navigating through the bear’s home is an adventure in itself. Your guide’s experience dealing with bears will be very appreciated once recovering your deer meat from the field. Often times the mountain goat lives in the same habitat as mature bucks and can be observed and photographed. Hunters can also do a combo goat and deer hunt, or combine deer and fall bear. Kodiak also has Alaska’s largest fox with a wide variety of color variations. They too can be hunted in the late season. Some hunts can also include river fishing for salmon and/or steelhead. Other animals that may be seen include many species of duck, bald or golden eagles, other furbearers, as well as all kinds of marine life.

Blacktail habitat varies throughout the year. The hunting season is from August first through the end of December. Sitka Blacktail remains in velvet until the last week of August. Knowing the correct habitat to hunt in correspondence with the time of year is critical. If the timing is correct Kodiak deer hunting can be similar to an alpine mountain goat hunt. On this hunt you can expect to live nomadic, spike camping your way through the alpine areas of Kodiak. Or it can be much less physical if timed with the rut. Regardless of the time of year High Caliber has the right place to hunt.

I recommend hunters allow themselves at least 5 days of hunting with a day of travel on each end. If time is an issue, travel days can also be hunting days. With Blacktail, same-day airborne is allowed. In most cases, I operate out of a tent base camp with the ability to spike out. If desired a cabin to stay in can be arranged to stay in. Transportation into hunting areas varies but includes float planes, boats, or UTVs. Food is a combination of groceries and freeze-dried. Until hunters kill a deer then these mini mule deer are delicious table fare. Hunters are allowed to take three deer. I offer two mature bucks on my hunts with the option to add on a third. Again, these deer are good eating. By law, edible meat is recovered. If you do not desire to take home meat. We are happy to keep or donate. Local Alaskans love eating them.

The biggest factor that affects Kodiak blacktail hunting is the severity of winter. At times the island will lose 60 percent of its deer population. Fortunately, this hardy deer’s strongest attribute in life is reproduction. After a hard winter, doe’s get to work throwing doubles in many cases. This outfit specializes in these hard times. Knowing and hunting areas on the island that geographically protect deer better from hard winters. Even on hard years we often see multiple mature bucks in a day. After a couple of years, Sitka blacktails bounce back, and hunters are successful everywhere. Kodiak Island’s deer population started from less than 30 deer about a hundred years ago. Today they populate the entire archipelago. A great conservation success story, their ability to populate and repopulate is impressive.

We believe that we have access to some of the best deer hunting island-wide. The goal is to take mature bucks. Measuring near the 90-inch mark or better. All-time typical Boone and Crockett start at 108 inches. As you can see the Sitka blacktail deer is to the Columbia blacktail and mule deer, what the Coues deer and the Carmen mountain deer are to the whitetail deer. Trophy hunting is something we all enjoy. So, if you’re interested in finding the biggest bucks, we are happy to accommodate. Whether your goals are with Boone and Crockett, Safari International, Pope and Young, Orvis, or just to have a great time and take reputable representatives of the species this outfit is here for you.

Groups are welcome. Once the decision is made to hunt with us. The client will receive a hunt contract which will need to be signed and returned, with the hunt deposit. From there, hunters book a plane ticket to the town of Kodiak. Most people arrive in the evening and need a hotel the first night in town. Also, hunters are sure to purchase hunting licenses and deer locking tags. The town has great food, nightlife, Walmart, outdoor sports stores, scenery, and places to shop. The following morning assuming the weather allows, we head into the field and all expenses are on us. There we provide shelter, 3 meals a day with snacks, knowledge, and trophy processing. Returning to town the trophies will need to be shipped to the taxidermist and meat will need to find its respectable home.

Questions to ask yourself before this hunt are. What time during the season do I have available? Then after discussing with the guide decide what hunt is truly best for, you and your physical level. In General, early-season hunts will have longer days and be more physical. The late season has less daylight and a greater chance of coming across big bucks in easier-to-reach areas. Regardless of when you come, this hunting outfit will be ready to show you a good time.

We Will Provide:

  • Outings will require a base camp, spike camp, or both and we provide tents.

  • The base camp consists of a cook tent. A client tent with a cot and heater and the guides’ tent.

  • Food at base camp is three hearty meals that are cooked, making meals such as spaghetti, tacos, sloppy joes, and stroganoff. A large assortment of snacks are also available. Extra butter to cook up that fresh kill or catch!

  • A spike camp is a nomadic and mobile way of hunting. Every pound counts in this case. Tents are sometimes shared with a guide. Lightweight ground pads can be provided. Food is more freeze-dried based, like mountain house. Other items include oatmeal, sandwiches, and lots of snacks like chocolate!

  • Knowledgeable guides! Often times the owner “Derrick” personally attends hunts. If not, the guide hired will be top-notch.

Base price is per person per 5-Day Trophy Sitka Blacktail Hunt. Add River Fishing for an additional fee.

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River Fishing


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from $6050/Experience

You can also pay a 50% deposit now and a final payment before your trip.

$1650.00 Per Item


Base Price

$6050.00 Per Person Per Experience


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Pay Later


Please note that there is a 50% non-refundable deposit included with your booking fee. In case of cancellation, and in accordance with the Host's cancellation policy, the remaining 50% may be returned to you or applied towards rescheduling a future trip.


  • Experienced Professional Guide
  • Base Camp, and Spike Camp Equipment
  • Hearty Camp Meals at Base Camp
  • Plenty of Snacks
  • Freeze-Dried Based Food for Spike Camp Meals
  • Help with Field Dressing and Pack-Out
  • Access to Trophy Processing and Meat Processing
  • Fishing Equipment Included



Gear List

  • Rifle- recommended to use a .338 or bigger
  • Binoculars- (the more eyes watching the better!)
  • 100% water proof rain gear
  • Sleeping bag- (15 degree recommended)

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Rules & Guidelines

Hunters 17 and older are required to possess a valid Alaska hunting license. Tagging, draws, and permits may apply depending on species being harvested.

Non-residents hunting for bears, dall sheep, or mountain goats must be accompanied by an Alaska-licensed guide or resident relative. Additionally, non-residents are required to buy appropriate locking-tags if hunting big game.

Kodiak weather is as harsh as it gets in North America. Hunters can expect to face cold and wet conditions. Having good personal equipment will make the experience that much more enjoyable.


Locking Tags Costs are as follows:

Brown Bear: $1000

Mountain Goat: $600

Blacktail Deer: $300

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