Kodiak Island Moutain Goat Hunting

1-2 Guests • Tent • Public • Guided


Mountain Goat Hunting - Seven Full Days of Hunting

The Kodiak Mountain Goat known in Latin is Oreamnos Americanus. It is one of the emerald isles’ many conservation success stories along with the Sitka blacktail deer, Roosevelt elk, reindeer, and beaver. The mountain goat is the only representative of mountain ungulates called “Rupicaprine” in North America, or a popular nickname the “rock goats”. As the name implies the goats on Kodiak Island have found the rocks! It is a home that suits them very well. Kodiak’s geography consists of many mountains that are jagged, steep, covered in rugged rock faces, and thick canyons down to sea level. In general, it is a place that goes up from sea level. That gives these white goats excellent escape terrain in spring summer and fall. As well as providing excellent winter habitat. High alpine overhangs and meadows provide great grazing. Some areas of the island are very difficult for humans to reach. This combination of factors has really helped the goat population to explode on the island.

Goat hunts are done by draw. The odds of drawing fluctuate from year to year. It is expected that hunters will receive a tag within three years. Often times the first time the tag is applied for hunters will receive a tag. The draw application time is November and early December. Prior to applying for a tag hunters will need to sign a contract with your Guide Service, pay a deposit, and buy an Alaskan big game hunting license for the year of desired hunt. From there we are ready to apply for the draw, we enter Hunter into the draw process (this cost $30). Results come out in the middle of February. Hunting season is from August 20 through October 25. Most hunts take place in mid-October to allow for the best hide quality.

It is recommended hunters plan on seven full days of hunting with travel days on each end. Hunters can expect to spend a day getting to the town of Kodiak. Once in town that evening a hotel will be needed and recommendations will be provided. The next day we will be sure to get a locking tag and pick up your tag at Fish and Game. From there the group will travel into the field, at this point expenses are covered by the outfitter.

In the Field

Upon being transported into the field our focus quickly goes up! After putting up a large base camp-style tent, to come back to, the group will start hiking toward the goat habitat. With us, we will have a spike camp, optics, a week of food, etc. Hunters will need to provide sleeping bags for themselves. It is recommended that you keep your gear list as light as possible. Goat hunters often appreciate some level of safe misery in order to go lighter. The Alpine of Kodiak Island is breathtakingly beautiful. The area the goats often hold in is often the steepest part. Physical fitness is a must. A person should have full confidence in the strength of their legs before going on a mountain goat hunt. Often times accessing goats is the hardest part of hunting them. Members of the hunting party will carry micro spikes as well as crampons, to aid in the crossing of steep slopes. Walking sticks are recommended. Extra packers can be hired but hunters should at least be strong on their feet. Patience oftentimes comes into play. At times when the desired Billy is found, he is inaccessible or in risk of falling. In this case we have to wait for him to move to better ground or look elsewhere. The population is strong there are many goats. We always strive to get hunters as close to the game as possible to allow for good shot placement and ethical kills. This is especially important on mountain goats wounded goats often run off cliffs or into unrecoverable terrain. Hunters should be confident in their weapon and prepared to make follow-up shots, the goal is to keep shots under 350 yards. As you can imagine an animal that lives out its life on the often snow-covered mountains of Kodiak is tough! Once the goat is down and processed, we will start our climb back out of where the hunt has taken us. Goat meat is a great table fair. All edible meat is recovered from the field. Hunters can ship it home or it can easily be donated.

Big Billy’s make for fine trophies. Full-body mounts look stunning. With their long white hair, beard, and pantaloons. Half-body mounts are also great. Rugs can also be made. Whatever is desired, guides will be trained and ready to make the proper cuts to your trophy. Mountain Goat hunts oftentimes make memories that last generations, this guide service is happy to get to play a role in that.

Another thing to consider is combining a Sitka black-tail deer hunt with your goat hunt. Often times trophy bucks can be found. Understand though, the goat tag must be drawn whereas a deer tag is over the counter and can be hunted any year.

We Will Provide:

  • Outings will require a base camp, spike camp, or both and we provide tents.

  • The base camp consists of a cook tent. A client tent with a cot and heater and the guides’ tent.

  • Food at base camp is three hearty meals that are cooked, making meals such as spaghetti, tacos, sloppy joes, and stroganoff. A large assortment of snacks are also available. Extra butter to cook up that fresh kill or catch!

  • A spike camp is a nomadic and mobile way of hunting. Every pound counts in this case. Tents are sometimes shared with a guide. Lightweight ground pads can be provided. Food is more freeze-dried based, like mountain house. Other items include oatmeal, sandwiches, and lots of snacks like chocolate!

  • Knowledgeable guides! Often times the owner “Derrick” personally attends hunts. If not, the guide hired will be top-notch.

Base price is per person per 7-Day Trophy Mountain Goat Hunt. Add a Sitka black-tail deer for an additional fee.

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Sitka Blacktail Buck


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from $11330/Experience

You can also pay a 50% deposit now and a final payment before your trip.

$3630.00 Per Item


Base Price

$11330.00 Per Person Per Experience


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Please note that there is a 50% non-refundable deposit included with your booking fee. In case of cancellation, and in accordance with the Host's cancellation policy, the remaining 50% may be returned to you or applied towards rescheduling a future trip.


  • Experienced Professional Guide
  • Base Camp, and Spike Camp Equipment
  • Hearty Camp Meals at Base Camp
  • Plenty of Snacks
  • Freeze-Dried Based Food for Spike Camp Meals
  • Help with Field Dressing and Pack-Out
  • Access to Trophy Processing and Meat Processing



Gear List

  • Rifle- recommended to use a .338 or bigger
  • Binoculars- (the more eyes watching the better!)
  • 100% water proof rain gear
  • Sleeping bag- (15 degree recommended)

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Rules & Guidelines


Hunters 17 and older are required to possess a valid Alaska hunting license. Tagging, draws, and permits may apply depending on species being harvested.

Non-residents hunting for bears, dall sheep, or mountain goats must be accompanied by an Alaska-licensed guide or resident relative. Additionally, non-residents are required to buy appropriate locking-tags if hunting big game.

Kodiak weather is as harsh as it gets in North America. Hunters can expect to face cold and wet conditions. Having good personal equipment will make the experience that much more enjoyable.


Locking Tags Costs are as follows:

Brown Bear: $1000

Mountain Goat: $600

Blacktail Deer: $300

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