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A big game guide service that aims to provide a unique and exciting hunting experience in the Alaskan bush.

Peter was an avid bow hunter growing up in Colorado. He was looking for more adventure so he moved to Alaska in 1990. He started working for guides/outfitters in 1993 and has continued to this day. Pete started his outfitter in 2008 after he gained enough knowledge and experience learning about the unique animals and vast unforgiving terrain of the Alaskan wilderness. Peter has acquired thousands of hours flying his own aircraft in Alaska. Peter has been blessed with the opportunity to have hunted in three different countries guided and flown for countless guides in Alaska and has met all sorts of people. He has learned and applies this knowledge for his clients to help them enjoy, be safe and most of all, to be successful on their hunts. Safety is a top priority. He is a member of APHA, (Alaskan Professional Hunters Association) and SCI (Safari Club International) and has donated hunts to the Wild Sheep Foundation, Muledeer Foundation, Pope & Young Club, SCI Bowhunters West Michigan chapter, and the Colorado Bowhunters Association to help promote quality hunting. Peter has always been a strong advocate for safety, for himself, his clients, and his staff. Peter received his EMT certification in 1990 and put it to use in western Alaska. He and his staff have taken first aid courses, CPR courses, and a mountain survival technique course. Peter is licensed to guide in a very large portion of Alaska, from West-central, Southwest, and South Central Alaska. This represents units 17, 19, and 6 with access to state lands. Given the different Micro Ecosystems, we can offer a wide range of Trophy Quality animals for our clients to hunt. You will have a professional guide, licensed in the State of Alaska, with you at all times. We are true believers in fair chase hunting and enjoying the beautiful creatures God put here for our management. Weapons: It is important to hunt with the right weapon. I recommend at a minimum a .300, .338, .375, or a .416 caliber weapon. The most important thing is that you have chosen a weapon that you are comfortable and proficient with. Ideally, we try to get within 100 - 200 yards of our target, no further. You need a good quality, low power scope, because in some situations we are relatively close to the target. If you are a bow hunter then I suggest a draw weight no less than 65#. If we are hunting dangerous game then we want you to have the heaviest arrow possible for your bow to get the highest kinetic energy. And still shoot proficiently. Our shots will be from ten to twenty five yards. Thank you for your interest, God Bless.

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