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Hi, I'm Clayton

I've been a member since March 2019

Our Guided Duck Hunts, Goose Hunts, & Spring Snow Goose Hunts take place in Central Missouri where there is high traffic during the heart of spring snow goose migration and the fall and winter regular season migration. We try to stay on the birds and move around our area if needed to areas that are concentrated with larger numbers of snow geese in the spring as well as offering semi-permanent duck and goose hunting fields, pit blind fields with flooded crops, and feed field decoy sets for all of our waterfowl hunting options. We like to hunt migration corridors and proven migration routes in the spring, fall, and winter migration seasons.

Over 20 years experience starting back when the conservation order was introduced in 1999. We have been chasing the spring migration across state borders with climate change affecting our spring snow goose hunts success and a shift in migration patterns forcing us to adapt in order to be successful. We started hunting in Mound City, Missouri home to the famed Loess Bluffs NWR AKA Squaw Creek and have since expanded our spring snow goose hunting territory. Things have changed over the past ten years with temperatures and migration changes and we have decided to focus our efforts on a scaled down and semi-mobile spring snow goose hunting method. We are now only running two spring snow goose hunting sets per day out of our Central Missouri location so, that we can stay as mobile as possible in a high traffic area and focus our efforts to best serve our clients With this, our rates will reflect our efforts as well as our needs to stay mobile and to really build up our new pit blind fields with as many decoys as possible try to offer the best possible hunting experience for our clientele. We have focused our efforts to the Central Missouri area and will move into Kansas, Iowa, or Nebraska if the weather and the migration dictate that we do so. Come and join us for a Missouri duck hunting adventure and see the fall migration in full swing. Millions of migrating ducks and geese pass through our area and it is a sight to see with your own eyes. There are no words to describe the fall duck and goose migration in the famed golden triangle. Come and see for yourself one of the spectacles of the natural world and hunt with us this fall or winter for ducks and geese in Missouri.

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