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Captain Christopher offers full service Inshore Fishing & Duck Hunting Guide Service located only 30 minutes from New Orleans, Louisiana!

Ever since Captain Chris Pike Jr was just 5 years old, he has gone fishing and duck hunting with his dad in the marshes and bayous of southeastern Louisiana. Even at that young age, he showed a heightened interest in learning about the water he was fishing, the boats, the hunting, the fishing, and the wildlife he encountered. He quoted his father as saying "All I had to do is show you the water." His dad is still influential as a teacher and mentor in the development of the outdoorsman he is today. Looking back, Captain Chris stated "My dad taught me everything I know from boat courtesy, gun safety, sportsmanship, fishing and hunting techniques, and how to read the water. Throughout my childhood, I was lucky enough to have every opportunity possible to enjoy fishing and hunting with the man who showed me water." At the age of 17 he completed his United States Coast Guard license and became the youngest person to ever receive a captain's license. As soon as he turned 18, he started guiding duck hunts and fishing trips and has never looked back. Captain Chris Pike Jr is an avid speckled trout and redfish fisherman as well as a duck hunting addict. He spends over 275 days a year on the water guiding both inshore fishing and duck hunting. Captain Chris takes pride in himself knowing he is one of the hardest working guides on the water and takes each day to heart knowing that he has worked hard to provide his customers with the most enjoyable and productive day that can be had on the water. His confidence and vast knowledge aids him in his ability to read the water, see small baitfish jumping 500 yards away, follow a redfish swimming 20 yards away, and track a flock of ducks 500 yards away. All this knowledge and experience will make your trip as productive as the conditions allow. Captain Chris Pike Jr worked under very prestigious names in the guiding industry. While with them, he gained the experience of how to work with customers and make their trips as enjoyable as possible no matter what their fishing or hunting experience may be, things that most guides take for granted. Captain Chris was featured in numerous magazine articles in the Louisiana Sportsman, Florida Game and Fish, Shallow Water Angler, Saltwater Sportsman, Florida Sportsman, and Louisiana Game and Fish. He was also invited to be a guest on TV shows with Bill Dance Outdoors, Alan Warren Outdoors, Rusty Faulk Outdoors, Don Dubuc Outdoors, and Paradise Louisiana. Captain Chris Pike Jr also uses his well-honed skills to compete on the professional level in a variety of redfish tournaments trails. Those include the IFA redfish tour, FLW redfish tour, HT3 redfish tour, and Saltwater Series Redfish Tour.

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