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Hi, I'm Captain Matt

I've been a member since February 2021

We are a mobile hunting and fishing operation that is based in Wisconsin. We travel the state in pursuit of the best hunting and fishing opportunities available. Our outfitting service began with turkey and waterfowl hunting, but then expanded into fishing as pro musky tournament victories and experience accumulated for Capt. Matt.

Capt. Matt grew up in southwest WI along the Mississippi River, and started guiding at the age of 16, first taking friends and family turkey hunting. During his college years he started guiding field goose hunts, turkey, and duck hunts. Then in the summer months, he worked for a fishing club in Northern Wisconsin where he guided on fishing trips. While gaining experience during his college years, Capt. Matt dove into the outfitter profession full time, where he licensed his company and completed courses to become a U.S Coast Guard captain. With this accreditation, he could then be able to guide on the big waters around Wisconsin, which he does often today. Capt. Matt runs full-time spring snow goose and turkey hunts, fall duck hunts, and summer fishing trips in Wisconsin. After the Wisconsin waterfowl season is over he travels south to Texas and partners with Coastal Waterfowl at Castaway Lodge to guide waterfowl hunts. Capt. Matt has fished and hunted all over North America, the Caribbean, Central America, and South Africa. “I have been on many guided trips around the world, so I know how to run a great memorable trip,” he says. Captain Matt's main goal is for all customers is to have a safe and memorable trip. We hope to exceed all aspects of your expectations. We strive for excellence. Matt is well known for his duck hunting but many do not know that he and partner, Nate Osfar, have become top musky fishermen in the country, competing in the Professional Musky Tournament Trail, and other events.

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