Waterfowl Hunting on the North Platte River

1-4 Guests • No Lodging • Private • Guided


Wyoming Waterfowl Hunt

We offer duck hunts on the famous North Platte River. Our hunts are all fully guided on a great property. You will get to watch top-notch retriever work from seasoned and professionally trained waterfowl labs.

Don't miss out on great hunting in even better scenery.

With 8 miles of private river access, 2 corn fields and 4 hay fields, you’ll be put on the birds right away!

Hunt mallard, widgeon, pintail, gadwall, and green wing teal, hunt out of heated, hard sided blinds and the occasional A-frame.


We have two hotels with a corporate rate in Casper and will provide breakfast burritos in the blinds. All hunter needs is ammunition and guns and licenses.

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Derek's Trip

Derek F

World class waterfowl hunting in central Wyoming on the famous North Platte River. Book now for an unforgettable trip!

from $275/Day

Base Price

$275.00 Per Person Per Day


Pay later options are only available for trips that start more than 30 days from today.

Total Payment


Please note that there is a 50% non-refundable deposit included with your booking fee. In case of cancellation, and in accordance with the Host's cancellation policy, the remaining 50% may be returned to you or applied towards rescheduling a future trip.


  • Expert Local Guide
  • 8 Miles of Private River Access
  • Corn and Hay Fields
  • Access to Corporate Rates at Local Hotels
  • Breakfast Burritos in the Blinds
  • Heated Blinds



Gear List

  • Weather Appropriate Hunting Attire
  • Personal Hunting Gear - Gun and Ammunition
  • Valid Hunting License / Stamps
  • Local Hotel Arrangements

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Rules & Guidelines

Federal Duck Stamp

A federal duck stamp is required for persons sixteen (16) years of age and older to hunt ducks, geese and mergansers. A federal duck stamp is not required to hunt coots, sandhill cranes, crows, mourning doves, rail or snipe. Federal duck stamps shall be signed in ink across the face of the stamp and shall be in possession of the hunter while in the field. Hunters possessing an electronic federal duck stamp are exempted from this signature provision during the time their electronic federal duck stamp isvalid.

HIP Permit.

Each licensed hunter who hunts migratory game birds shall complete a current Wyoming validation for the National Migratory Bird Harvest Information Program (HIP) and shall obtain a Wyoming HIP permit. This requirement also applies to holders of pioneer and lifetime hunting licenses. Each licensed hunter engaged in the act of hunting doves, ducks, geese, mergansers, coots, rails, cranes or snipe shall be in possession of a Wyoming HIP permit and shall immediately produce said permit upon request from any authorized Department representative. HIP permits

shall be signed in ink across the face of the permit and shall be in possession of the hunter while in the field. HIP permits expire on June 30 each year. HIP permits are not transferable to other states. A separate HIP permit is required from each state in which you hunt. Wyoming HIP permits shall be available only on the Department website. Youths under 14 are not required to obtain a HIP permit if they do not hold a valid game bird license.

No person shall take migratory game birds:

(i) With a trap, snare, net, rifle, pistol, swivel gun, shotgun larger than 10 gauge, punt gun, machine gun, fishhook, poison, drug, explosive or stupefying substance;

(ii) With any shotgun that can hold more than three (3) shells in the magazine and chamber combined, except during the light goose conservation order (refer to Section 7 of this regulation);

(iii) From a sink box or any low floating device, which has a depression to hide a person underneath the water’s surface;

(iv) From or by means of any motorboat or sailboat unless the motor has been completely shut off or sail furled, and the boat’s progress there from has ceased;

(v) By the use or aid of live decoys. All live, tame or captive ducks and geese shall be removed for a period of ten (10) consecutive days prior to hunting, and shall be confined within an enclosure which substantially reduces the audibility of their calls and totally conceals such birds from the sight of migratory game birds;

(vi) By the use of records or tapes of migratory bird calls or sounds, or electronically amplified imitations of bird calls, except during the light goose conservation order;

(vii) By driving, rallying or chasing migratory game birds with any motor driven land, water or air conveyance or any sailboat.

(e) Nontoxic Shot. No person shall hunt ducks, geese, mergansers or coots while possessing shot other than nontoxic shot. Nontoxic shot is also required when using a shotgun to hunt any game bird on the Commission’s Table Mountain and Springer/Bump-Sullivan wildlife habitat management areas.

(f) Evidence of Species. One fully feathered wing or the feathered head shall remain naturally attached to the carcass as a means of identification of migratory game birds, except mourning doves, in the field and while the birds are being transported.

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