The BIG SKY Bison Hunt

1-6 Guests • Hotel • Private • Guided


The BIG SKY Hunt - Cow or Young Bull (1000 lbs)

We offer an all-exclusive 2-day, 1-night spot and stalk hunt.

These days can be long and physically demanding. Weather is always a factor, so the correct gear is important. These hunts sometimes are a hunt for 1 specific animal; prepare to spend some time behind binoculars & spotting scope.

Base price is per person for a Young Cow (2-4 years old/1000lbs). Take a Young Bull (2 Years old/1000lbs) or a Trophy Bull (1500-2500lbs) for an additional fee. Make it an Archery, Pistol, Muzzleloader or Sharps hunt for an additional fee per person.

Lodging is included in this package!

(Must purchase a CSKT conservation permit)

No High Fence, just a cattle ranch with bison coming and going.

How We Hunt

  • After the animals are located, we will glass the herd to locate the right animal for you. Then we'll make a careful approach to get you safely within range for the shot! Bison are unpredictable and have been known to charge humans and vehicles, so hunters must stay close to their guide and trust their judgment for their own safety. When we are within range, you will shoot the animal. Next, we'll wait for the herd to move off for everyone's safety. Then we field dress. Local cutting and wrapping are available, or we'll load the carcass into your vehicle for your return home trip. Shipping can be arranged if needed, but it's far cheaper to transport your bison with you.

What to expect:

  • We only offer guided hunts due to the danger when hunting these giant animals. We can arrange a hunt for the size of animal that best suits your desires and budget. 
  • The skull, hide, field dressing, and loading of bison for transportation are included with all the prices. 
  • There is No License or Hunter Education required for these bison hunts. 
  • Hunters may use any weapon they are proficient with that's large enough to bring down a bison. Using anything other than a high-caliber rifle, such as a bow, pistol, or black powder, requires an additional fee. Shot opportunity is 100%. We can usually get within 30 to 100 yards or less, so practice at those distances. 
  • For our Pasture Harvest and Meat Hunts, we Do Not require any CSKT conservation permits. 
  • We require you to purchase their CSKT conservation/ camping permits for all other hunts. (We can give you the locations to purchase these in route to the Buffalo Pasture)
  • It is by State law all hunters may pay in full and receive a Bill of Sale for the purchase of their Bison before harvesting their bison.
  • Your meat take home on a 1000 lbs. bison is around 300 lbs. give or take 40 lbs.
  • The meat is very tasty on all sizes of bison, but the cows and younger bulls are more tender and what most meat hunters choose. 
  • Older bulls make the best trophies for taxidermy, and they taste good, but the meat is tougher you may want to consider grinding a greater percentage of the meat. 
  • Bison meat is low in fat and cholesterol and is considered one of the healthiest red meats you can eat.
  • Coming soon; Upland bird or Coyote hunting or Fishing for bass, pike, or trout can easily be added to your bison hunt. Our buffalo hunts welcome bow hunters, muzzleloaders, sharps, large pistols, or modern rifle hunters. Give us a call. We'll discuss the options and help arrange the best hunt possible.
  • We allow one free companion per hunter on horseback and boat hunts.
  • If you have 2 or more companions, they are an additional daily fee.

Accommodations/Lodging - Included 

  • We have a local outdoorsman hotel that we recommend to all our hunters it has great hospitality and an even better bar and restaurant.

Additional expenses to keep in mind;

  • Taxidermy and Meat Processing are not included.
  • Both services are available locally for a fee, or you can transport your animal home. 
  • Local meat processing is usually done within a week’s time.
  • Must Purchase CSKT conservation permit

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Young Bull (2 years old/1000lbs)


Trophy Bull (1500-2500lbs)


Your Host

Zanen's Trip

Zanen P

We offer bison meat by the package and by the carcass, bison hunts, and starter herds.

from $6950/Experience

Base Price

$6950.00 Per Person Per Experience


$580.00 Per Person


$4345.00 Per Person


$289.99 Per Day Per Item


$289.99 Per Day Per Item


$580.01 Per Person


$290.00 Per Day Per Item


$290.00 Per Day Per Item


Pay later options are only available for trips that start more than 30 days from today.

Total Payment


Please note that there is a 50% non-refundable deposit included with your booking fee. In case of cancellation, and in accordance with the Host's cancellation policy, the remaining 50% may be returned to you or applied towards rescheduling a future trip.


  • Experienced Local Guide
  • Healthy Herds
  • Lodging and Meals Included



Gear List

  • Weather Appropriate Hunting Attire
  • Personal Hunting Gear
  • Valid Hunting License/Tags
  • Personal Gear

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Rules & Guidelines

All hunters over 17 must obtain a valid Montana hunting license. State law allows youth hunters 10 or older to hunt with a youth license. Hunter education courses are required before purchasing or applying for a Montana hunting license.

Species and weapons you plan to use may require additional permits and tags. Check the Montana Fish, Wildlife, & Parks website for more information on hunting regulations.

  • Meat processing is $1.00 a pound on hanging weight.
  • Skulls cleaned and bleached $200.00-$300.00
  • Hide tanned is around $600.00-$950.00
  • CSKT conservation permits $120.00
  • Hunting bison in the Northwest can bring some very cold days and some very hot days. Which in return creates different styles of hides for a hunter to pick from.
  • There is no specific hunting season, and we have hunts 12 months out of the year. A lot of our hunts occur from September to March. The months of September and October may frost at night, but days often warm up to 40 degrees or more. The best hides are taken from December to February, when bison have the thickest winter hair. Once it hits late October through March, the temps often range from 0 to 40 degrees, and snow is possible. However, a lot of people enjoy the August-September thinner hides. Just be sure to check the current weather forecasts before leaving for your hunt.

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