Spring Black Bear + Fishing + Shrimp

1-5 Guests • Cabin • Public • Self-Guided/DIY


5 day 6 night Spring Black Bear DIY trip on FV Serenity.

Price is per person per trip for groups of 4 or less. Contact Venku for Full Boat (5-6 guest) per person discount.

Enjoy DIY Black Bear Hunting and saltwater fishing on this epic trip into Alaskas spectacular Prince William Sound.

Come join us for this unique opportunity to hunt for spring Bear from the comfort and safety of our 5-star rated USCG OUPV Vessels, F/V Serenity. On this trip We will spend 5 days and 6 nights venturing from Cordova into breath-taking eastern Prince William Sound, this is an Alaskan adventure like no other. DIY Hunt each day on mainland eastern PWS for black or brown bear. All transportation, lodging, and meal services are complimentary with this hunt package. We are also fully licensed saltwater fishing guides and we can fish for rockfish and cod (no halibut). While on this trip you will also be in for spectacular sight seeing opportunities to view glaciers, snow capped mountainscapes, get a chance at up close encounters with sea lions, sea otters, orca and/or humpback whales, and Dalls porpoises.

On the Boat

We feast like true Alaskan royalty with meals consisting of wild locally sourced commercially caught Copper River Chinook and Sockeye salmon, Pacific Halibut, Pacific Blackcod, Bairdi/Tanner Crab, Golden King crab. We will also cook your harvest! Our chefs specialize in preparing your locally sourced wild game steaks, burgers, and roasts.

On this Trip

Come and hunt spectacular remote islands of Prince William Sound, Alaska. You can expect to be dropped on the beach for a DIY hunt for brown bear or black bear. In the spring bears are often found on south facing hills and beaches foraging on grasses. Hunts are spot and stalk DIY, we will never allow clients to shoot from the boat as that is illegal here.

One of the main benefits of hunting in unit 6 is that our tags are available over the counter, no draw requirement. Daily 737 commercial jet service to and from both Anchorage and Seattle with Alaska Airlines makes your hunting trip with us a breeze. Clients fly in on Saturday afternoon, hunt Sun - Thursday, are back in town to get bears sealed Friday morning, and fly out Saturday afternoon.

Glaciers, abundant wildlife, and snow-capped mountains make a beautiful backdrop for an unforgettable trip.

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Your Host

Kenneth's Trip

Kenneth J

Hunter transportation service offering DIY big game hunts, guided waterfowl hunts, and cabin rentals.

from $6660/Experience

Base Price

$6660.01 Per Person Per Experience


Pay later options are only available for trips that start more than 30 days from today.

Total Payment


Please note that there is a 50% non-refundable deposit included with your booking fee. In case of cancellation, and in accordance with the Host's cancellation policy, the remaining 50% may be returned to you or applied towards rescheduling a future trip.


  • Locally Owned and Operated
  • DIY Hunting Opportunity
  • Live Aboard Boat Lodging
  • Full Boat Discounts Available
  • All Meals Included
  • Over-the-Counter Tags. No Draw



Gear List

  • Personal Gear
  • Hunting Gear
  • Communication Gear
  • Footwear - Rubber Boots, Tennis Shoes, Wader Boots

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Rules & Guidelines

What kind of boots should I wear? - Neoprene boots that are specifically designed for hiking and hunting. (Taller than average height 18" suggested for river crossings and wet grass). A pair of Muck boots or something similar is highly recommended. You can wear a pair of leather boots if you're tough, but they are going to get wet and never dry, and limit your options for fording rivers, stepping in the bay, and getting covered with fish slime on the boat. Breathable tennis shoes are great for wearing around the boat at night.

Should I bring waders? - Highly recommended for waterfowl hunting but can also be worn throughout the hunt to keep you warm and dry.

What rifle cartridge to bring? - 338 is great for bear hunting. Any classic deer cartridge from 243 on up is plenty of gun for harvesting a buck.

Should I bring a handgun? - Not necessary. You will be actively hunting when on land and have your hunting rifle with you at all time.

What distances are the shots ar these Sitka Blacktails? - Most of the terrain features vegetation with means shots in Southeast Alaska are close. Shots average will be under 100 yards.

Is Sitka gear or KUIU worth the money? - If you can afford it, you should buy the best clothing you can afford. But the hunt is what you make of it no matter the price of your gear.

Is there a place to dry wet clothes? - The aluminum shack on the back of the Serenity is outfitted with fans and tower heaters and can dry your rain gear each night. The Serenity is equipped with a drying locker on the outside of the cabin and Ken can show you how to use it.

Are alcohol and soft drinks included? - Alcohol isn't included, but you can bring your own. There is a cooler on the boat that is full of soft drinks, water, and Gatorade that is included.

How much do licenses cost? (non-resident)

Federal Duck Stamp - $25

Alaska Duck Stamp - $10

Non-Resident 1,3, or 7-day King Salmon Stamp - $5 (only if trolling for winter kinds is a priority)

Alaska Non-Resident Hunting and 7-Day Fishing License - $205

Deer Tags - $300/tag

Black Bear Tags - $550

Should I buy a black bear or wolf license? - It is wise to discuss your options with Ken prior to purchasing your licenses as some can be transferred to other animals.

How is meat stored/processed on the boat? - The Serenity is outfitted with an aluminum shack on the back that stays cool and is a great place for hanging meat. A couple of fans plugged in can dry quarters overnight ready to be placed in one of the three available freezers.

Can I carry, ship home, or donate my meat? - Donations are always appreciated. Frozen meat can be offloaded from to boat freezers and hauled home as carry-on or checked luggage. Ken is also happy to assist you in shipping meat home.

What is the food like? - Dinners every night are booked by Steven and include halibut. moose steads. shepherd's pie, and king crab. Breakfasts are all you can eat scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, etc. Steven will pack sack lunches everyday with a big sandwich, and a bunch of granola/chocolate bars, and chips. There is always fresh coffee available on the boat and cold drinks in the cooler.

What are sleeping quarters like? - The Serenity has four bunks up front in the hull that are big enough for anybody. It's a fishing boat, which means you have a warm dry place to sleep but room is at a premium. The stateroom is two beds stacked on each other that are comfortable. Each bunk is outfitted with outlets for charging electrical devices.

Recommended Packing List (open to interpretation)


-Personal item- Backpack for a personal item on the plane (5.11 Rush 72)

-Carry On- 40L Duffel for carry-on

-Gun case (Pelican Vault) checked under plane

-105 Liter Duffel (Backcountry.com) checked under plane

Hunting Gear

-338 Rifle (Ruger Hawkeye)

-30 rounds of ammo (Barnes 210 TTSX)


-3 lightweight skinning knives (one for each buck and one for fish)


-Scope covers

-Rifle sling

-Electrical tape (to go over the muzzle and keep the rain out)

-Benelli SBII 12 Gauge

-Shotgun shells (I’d take four boxes each)

-480 Ruger Revolver/Ammo



-Bore snake, Rem Oil wipes

-Small roll of paracord

-Small pair binoculars

-Havalon razor knife for caping

-Waterproof cover for backpack

-Small roll of garbage sacks


Communication Gear

*with appropriate charge cords and a portable power bank.

-Garmin inreach

-Two-way Handheld Radios

-Cell phone with maps of Prince William Sound pre-downloaded


-Rubber Boots (Lacrosse Alpha Burley Pro)

-Tennis Shoes

-Wader Boots

Rain Gear

-Heavy PVC raincoat (Carhart) *Only wore the duck hunt day, but it rained 3+ inches that day and I stayed dry

-Light PVC Raincoat (Kuiu)*wore everyday

-Light Rain Pants (Kuiu) *I wore these everyday

-Heavy PVC rubber gloves

-Waterproof backpack cover


-Three pairs of pants

-Underwear for everyday

-Three T-shirts

-Pair of socks for everyday

-A hoodie to wear in the field

-Another hoodie to wear around the boat and sleep in

-A lightweight, water resistant and warm Kuiu jacket

-Thermal underwear

-Fleece gloves (2 pair, one to wear and one to dry)

-Flannel shirt


-Alaska Duck Stamp

-Federal Duck Stamp

-Alaska combination hunting/fishing license (1 Week)

-Deer harvest tickets

-Deer locking tags x2



-Baby wipes (for quick showers and hygiene)

-Dramamine (nobody got seasick)


-Tylenol, Ibuprofen



Fishing gear *Ken has all the fishing gear you need, but if you just like using your own.

-Okuma Nomad travel boat rod 20-40 lb

-Avet SX Reel with 30lb braid

-Diamond jigs from 6-14 ounces for ling cod

-Colt sniper jigs 3 ounces for rockfish

-25lb. florocarbon for leaders

-Heavy duty snap swivels

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