Split Trip: Peacock Bass & Snakehead Fishing Charter

1-3 Guests • No Lodging • Public • Guided


8-Hour Split Trip: 4-Hours Peacock Bass / 4-Hours Snakehead

Up to 2 Anglers Included | Add 1 More for Additional Fee

Come cast a line with us in the beautiful Urban Jungle of South Florida, and enjoy the breathtaking sceneries of the magnificent Everglades. 

We will show you the best peacock bass fishing, and exotic species such as Jaguar quapote cichlid, Mayan cichlid, Midas cichlid, Tiger Oscar, Spotted Tilapia, Pacu, Bowfin, Clownknife, and the infamous Bulleyes Snakehead ( AKA the Urban Jungle Dragon).

Also, some of the best Largemouth bass fishing in the Everglades, which is home to many giants.

Shore lunch is included when booking a 3/4 or a full-day charter. ( Please let the Captain know if you'd like to include lunch when booking!).  

The Everglades is a place like nowhere else on Earth with millions of acres, thousands of islands full of mangroves, and hundreds of miles of shoreline running along the Gulf of Mexico. It is for sure one of the World's best fisheries, and one of the greatest flats fishing destinations on the planet. While having fun fishing, you can also enjoy a nice ride on the Lady Jade. Sit back, relax, and feast your eyes with the most amazing, and breathtaking scenery. You'll likely encounter a number of wildlife such as Dolphins, Sharks, Manatees, Crocodiles, Alligators, and well over 300 species of birds. 

Florida's Everglades is the only place on Earth where both Crocodiles, and Alligators coexist. 

Peacock Bass - Peacock bass is a genus of large cichlids, diurnal and predatory freshwater fish native to the Amazon and Orinoco basins as well as rivers of the Guianas, in tropical South America. They are sometimes referred to in English by their Brazilian name tucunare or their Spanish name pavon.

Bullseye Snakehead - Bullseye Snakehead AKA "The Urban Dragon". A native of thiland. It's one of 50 plus species of Snakehead in the World. In the U.S., it can only be found here in South Florida. Come test your skill, and experience the sickest topwater blowup! Violence headshades, dazzling runs, and the powerful tug of this great Beast.

Do you have what it takes to tame the Dragon?

Base price is for a Full-Day Charter for 1-2 Anglers. Add a third Angler for an additional fee.

Shore Lunch Included

Live bait is not included, but available at market price of $10 per dozen.

Gratuity is always appreciated!

The Captain can accommodate up to 3 anglers per trip.

However, if there are more than 3 anglers, please advise your Captain before booking. So we can see and try to arrange additional boat for your group.

Local lodging/hotel accommodation recommendations can be provided and we can pick you up from the closest launch.

Other Florida Species Include:

  • Midas Cichlid - Amphilophus citrinellus is a large cichlid fish endemic to the San Juan River and adjacent watersheds in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. In the aquarium trade a citrinellus is often sold under the trade name of Midas cichlid.
  • Jaguar Quapote Cichlid - Parachromis Managuensis is a large species of cichlid native to freshwater habitats in Central America, where found from Honduras to Costa Rica. The scientific name refers to Lake Managua in Nicaragua from where the holotype was obtained.
  • Mayan Cichlid - Mayaheros urophthalmus, also known as the Mayan cichlid or Mexican mojarra is a species of cichlid. 
  • Tigar Oscar - The oscar is a species of fish from the cichlid family known under a variety of common names, including tiger oscar, velvet cichlid, and marble cichlid. In tropical South America, where the species naturally resides, A. ocellatus specimens are often found for sale as a food fish in the local markets.
  • Bowfin - The bowfin is a bony fish, native to North America. Common names include mudfish, mud pike, dogfish, griddle, grinnel, swamp trout, and choupique. It is regarded a relict, being the sole surviving species of the Halecomorphi, a group of fish that first appeared during the Early Triassic, around 250 million years ago. 
  • Bullseye Snakehead - Channa marulius is a large species of snakehead native to South Asia. Populations in Southeast Asia are now regarded as separate species. 
  • Clownknife - The clown featherback, clown knifefish, or spotted knifefish, Chitala ornata, is a nocturnal tropical fish with a long, knife-like body. This knifefish is native to freshwater habitats in Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam, but it has also been introduced to regions outside its native range. 
  • Spotted Tilapia - The spotted tilapia, also known as the spotted mangrove cichlid or black mangrove cichlid, is a species of fish of the cichlid family. It is native to fresh and brackish water in West and Central Africa, but has been introduced to other regions where it is considered invasive. 
  • Salvini Cichlid - The Salvin's cichlid, also known as the yellow-belly cichlid or tricolored cichlid, is a species of the family Cichlidae. It is found in rivers of the Atlantic slope of southern Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala. 
  • Blue Tilapia - The blue tilapia is a species of tilapia, a fish in the family Cichlidae. Native to Northern and Western Africa, and the Middle East, through introductions it is now also established elsewhere, including parts of the United States, where it has been declared an invasive species, and has caused significant environmental damages. It is known as Blue kurper in South Africa. 

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3rd Angler


Your Host

Justin's Trip

Justin N

Come cast a line with us in the beautiful Urban Jungle of South Florida, and enjoy breathtaking scenery of the magnificent Everglades.

from $990/Day

Base Price

$990.00 Per Day


$110.00 Per Day


Pay later options are only available for trips that start more than 30 days from today.

Total Payment


Please note that there is a 50% non-refundable deposit included with your booking fee. In case of cancellation, and in accordance with the Host's cancellation policy, the remaining 50% may be returned to you or applied towards rescheduling a future trip.


  • 16ft Skimmer Skiff with a Tohatsu 50 HP 4 Stroke
  • Experienced Local Guide
  • Cooler or Cold Bottled Water INcluded
  • Shore Lunch is Included with Booking a 3/4 or Full-Day Charter



Gear List

  • Polarized Glasses
  • Hat/Cap
  • Buff
  • Sunscreen (NON SPRAY! It will stain the boat)

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Rules & Guidelines

*DO NOT Bring bananas on board! Otherwise you'll be thrown to the gators and shards!

Shoes: Wear soft-soled shoes with light-colored soles. White-soled tennis shoes are great. DO NOT wear black soles or leather soles shoes,they will leave hard-to-clean marks on the boat.  


DO NOT step on the seat cushion!

DO NOT walk around the boat unless the Captain asks you to!


Trip starts at the arranged time between you and the Captain.

Normal launching time is 7AM - 7:30AM from several different locations, depending on the charter that you booked, and the fishing conditions. The Captain will keep you updated and will let you know of which location to launch from closer to date of the trip.

So make sure you get enough rest, and don't be late! The Captain is not responsible for lost time.

Also, if you can avoid eating/drinking too much, and make sure to use the restroom before the charter!


Practice your casting, work on your double hauls. It wlll save time, and it will make things much easier for you and your Captain. Also, you'll have a better chance with more success.


Casting, and making that perfect presentation is very important! Especially when it comes to sight fishing. It's always good to listen to your Captain. So if he tells you to cast at 10 o'clock, don't go and cast at 2 o'clock. Don't be that guy!


Your Captain will be taking many great photos, and some videos during the trip, which can be sent via text or email to you, so you can share them to your friends and family.


A fun and memorable fishing adventure with your friends/family. An escape from the everyday, a day of learning and sharing knowledge. Your Captain will do his best to make sure you'll have a great time, and to have a successful day together.

Remember.... Fish is just a bonus!

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