Snow Goose Hunting New England

8-12 Guests • Cabin • Private • Guided


Guided Snow Goose Hunting Maryland, Deleware, and New York

A minimum of 8 Hunters is Required to Book So Get the Group Together!

The Location

No need to wait until spring for guided Snow Goose hunting in Missouri. Come join us for our Guided Snow Goose Hunting next winter and greatly extend your Snow Goose season. Our Snow Goose hunting runs from Mid December to the end of March in Upstate NY.

Probably the most astounding sight of all waterfowl hunting is to witness Thousands of Greater Snow Geese (7 – 10 lbs.- WOW!!!) at daybreak coming at the goose rig in one of the many fields that we hunt in Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia on the Delmarva Peninsula, Arkansas, and New York. The ONLY place in the world where Greater Snow Geese winter. About 5 months out of the year.

Unlike hunting the marshes of Virginia, our Snow Goose hunting in the fields in Maryland, Deleware New York and North Carolina is dryer, less muddy, warmer, and always more successful than hoping the snow geese may fly by and you might get a 70 yard shot over the marsh.

Our birds decoy by the hundreds and sometimes thousands, unlike Texas field hunts. Most shots are 40 yards or less with tolling birds wings cupped coming into land. A tremendous record hatch has resulted in many grey young birds coming into the decoys to provide great hunts. Don’t miss it this year. You will be sorry if you do. Approximately 1.8 million Greater Snow Geese on the Delmarva Peninsula this winter.

The Hunt

Experience the excitement of laying on your back as the Snow Geese start their infamous white, cyclonic swirl over the rig as they gradually descend into the decoys with a deafening honking roar so loud you can barely hear the guide holler “TAKE EM”. The real test begins now as you try to focus and pick out just one to shoot with each shot instead of emptying your shotgun into a white wall of feathers. Don’t think you can’t miss.

  • Goose Hunting The Chesapeake Bay - The scenic Chesapeake Bay was our original location for hunting Snow Geese and other waterfowl and continues to provide outstanding hunting fields year after year.

  • Guided Snow Goose Hunting New York - Our Snow Goose hunts in New York have become legendary with many clients returning annually to relieve their previous experience. We have established ourselves as the number-one hunting guide service for waterfowl across many states.

Why Us

We provide guided snow goose hunts that will not only get you the hunt you want but will be value for money. As the industry leader and provider of customized trips to suit we love being a partner during your adventure and enjoy seeing familiar faces as so many people re-book.

Snow geese hunting in addition to Canada Goose hunts and deer hunting is our core business so you could say we are specialists in these hunts. This is not to say we are not competent in any of the trips we offer, but practice makes perfect, right? As legitimate snow goose guides, you can be assured that we adhere to all rules and regulations when it comes to snow goose-guided hunts. Whether you have your own hunting equipment or not, we make sure you are prepared when it comes to your goose hunting trip. Moreover, we make sure everyone is safe during a snow goose hunt with us. You never have to worry about your safety and the safety of anyone in your hunting party.

Let us remove all of the unnecessary hassles that come with preparing a hunting expedition. You will be satisfied with the end results, That’s our guarantee. Regardless of what hunting service you come to us for, we believe in making our clients feel relaxed and content.

Base price is per person per day. Lodging included. Minimum of 8 hunters to book.

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Your Host

Joe's Trip

Joe A

A hunting club and hunting guide service based in Maryland with locations in New York and South Carolina. From these bases we offer an almost endless variety of hunts to suit every taste. Whether it’s Wild Boar Hunting,other big game like deer and bear or any of our waterfowl hunts such as Snow Geese, Diver Ducks, Black Duck, Canada Geese we have the best hunters to make your experience one to remember.

from $358/Day

Base Price

$357.50 Per Person Per Day


Pay later options are only available for trips that start more than 30 days from today.

Total Payment


Please note that there is a 50% non-refundable deposit included with your booking fee. In case of cancellation, and in accordance with the Host's cancellation policy, the remaining 50% may be returned to you or applied towards rescheduling a future trip.


  • Experienced Local Guide
  • Trusted Successful Hunting Land
  • Log Cabin Lodging
  • Decoys
  • Lay Out Blinds
  • Retrievers
  • Big Screen TV
  • Full Kitchen
  • Game Cleaning Facility
  • Carcass Disposal



Gear List

  • Weather Appropriate Hunting Attire
  • Valid Hunting License / Tags
  • Personal Hunting Gear
  • Gun/Ammo

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Rules & Guidelines

  • What do your waterfowl and big game hunts with lodging in MD, WV, VA & DE include?- Lodging in our log cabin with Big Screen TV, Full Kitchen, Game Cleaning Facility, carcass disposal, game cleaning station, warm wood stove, and more.

  • How do you conduct your Canada and snow goose and Swan hunts?- We hunt Maryland ( Eastern Shore and far western Maryland ), Delaware ( Delmarva ), New York, West Virginia, & Virginia Delmarva & Mainland – Fully & Semi-Guided Hunt – 75,000 Private Acres The fields are dry and we use layout blinds or temporary blinds in ditches or fields.

    The season starts Sept. 1st in most states and usually ends March 31st in Upstate NY. Most goose hunts are in the fields. Some are in Cayuga Lake area in the Finger Lakes. We conduct swan hunts in VA & DE when possible.

  • No guarantee of a harvest of game.

  • No pillows or bed linens are provided to prevent the spread of illness

  • No transportation to hunting sites provided

  1. Popular waterfowl field camos and solid white clothing is required for the hunt. Complete covering of the body with solid white, not camo white is required. This is to make you look like a snow goose in the decoy rig. Different weather and field conditions determine what we need to wear for the hunt.

  2. You may need to have cornfield Camo for entire body instead of white. Please be prepared for either. Face masks are required to hide the face and prevent spread of disease.

  3. Thermos of coffee or snacks is suggested placed in a solid white bag only. Travel light

  4. Refer to the state in which the hunt will occur to purchase proper hunting permits.

  5. All clients are expected to help with placement and pick up of decoys and necessary gear if needed. If you have to leave early an additional fee is required for labor to retrieve decoys and store properly. Credit Card deposit is required on all hunts.

  6. You will probably not know what state the hunt will be conducted in until 6:00pm the day before the hunt. Scouting is done the day before the hunt to provide the best hunt possible. Item 8 not for NY hunters.

  7. Please provide an email address for  The Assumption of Risk and Liability form required must be dated before the day of the hunt. Your signature, witness signature and printed name are required and the form has to be filled out completely. Hard copy has to be delivered the morning of the hunt in person.

  8. No guests dogs allowed due to potential injury of other dogs and humans and disease transfer to our dogs..

  9. There are very limited places to park on farms. Car pooling is necessary always please.

  10. Please wear headlamps for decoy placement and your safety.

  11. All hunts will be stopped in dangerous or damaging weather conditions.

  12. Hunts other than in NY will end by 11am – 12:00 noon. Hunts in NY for half day end at 11:00am.

  13. All hunts will be stopped if any game laws are violated. Proper licensing and knowledge of all game laws is the responsibility of the hunter not  the guide or outfitter.


All hunters are required to fill out legibly and completely and sign and witness an Assumption of Risk and Liability before the day of the hunt or the hunt will not be conducted and no refund for the hunt will be given.

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