San Javier Lodge - Mixed Bag

1-16 Guests • Lodge • Private • Guided


WELCOME TO OUR PARADISE - Mixed Bag Hunt - Ducks, Dove, and Perdiz

We are the # 1 Outfitter taking groups for cast & blast and multispecies hunt. 

We run 2 different lodges with amazing hunts and fishing. We also work together with another lodge in different provinces for when we are fully booked and for our overlap groups request.

The Mixed Bag or Multispecies Program offers you the best of three different activities. It includes the challenging shooting of duck, the large volume shooting of dove, and the unique perdiz hunt, and also amazing fishing for Dorados and other fish species.

Generally, hunters will stay at our lodges for 4 nights. Our program is very flexible and we can do multiple hunts in the mornings or afternoons. Our goal is to make our guests enjoy the hunts they love the most. Normally, in the morning you will shoot duck or perdiz and in the afternoon you will be shooting duck or dove. This is a seasonal activity that we are offering during our winters (from May to August).

In our multispecies bird hunt we normally have one day for fishing or at least one full afternoon. 


The duck shooting fields are located around islands near lagoons and rivers in San Javier. The place looks like a big marshland, and in order to access this area, we utilize boats with powerful engines. The wildlife is amazing and the rivers/islands change color and form frequently.

The perdiz hunting fields are in grasslands. They are found in grass fields, sometimes with cattle, that provide great cover for the birds. It is important to approach the fields against the wind and with a great pointer dog that will mark the perdiz. You should expect a dozen flushes per hour walking through brushland, similar to some areas in Texas. The terrain is easy to walk and mostly every boot will be good enough for this hunt.

The dove hunting spots range from a 20 to 60 minutes drive and we normally shoot in areas near the roosting area, and feedlot or crop fields.


The Mixed Bag Program is a combination hunt of three different species in one place. It includes the challenging shooting of duck, the high volume shooting of dove, and the unique perdiz hunt.

Normally an average program is four nights. In the mornings you will shoot duck or perdiz, and in the afternoons you will be shooting duck or dove. This is a seasonal activity that we are offering during our winters (from May to August).In the dove field, you will be assigned a personal field assistant, who will provide you with shells, guns, and soft drinks at your shooting spot. This field assistant will prepare your blind, count your birds and shells, and carry some stools to the field for you.

The perdiz hunt could be compared to the quail hunt in Georgia or Alabama, but these birds are normally in small groups of two. It requires a well-trained dog, a professional guide with good skills to run the dog, and two shooters. Please the tab "Hunting" underneath the primary tag "Mixed Bag Program" for more details and pictures.

Dove shooting in this program is different from Cordoba’s Dove Shooting. The terrain is flatter, so there are not as many shooting angles in terms of the presentation of the birds. The volume of birds is is just as good as the Cordoba program. It is important to know that you will have more than two hours of high-volume shooting, which in Argentina means hot barrels and lots of action. 


They are well known in the dove hunting world as bird boys, but we call them field assistants because we understand that they are the key to success for the best experience ever for all our hunters.

Over the years, all our field assistants have perfected the level of professionalism and are the best in taking care and handling all details for our guests, from the moment they arrive at the field till it is time to get back to our premium lodges.

The personal field assistants are in their thirties and most of them have been working in the field for many years; this becomes apparent when you see them shooting. They work hard every day preparing your blind, carrying shells, shotguns, drinks, and stools to your spot. They are also responsible for cleaning the field and picking up all shells expended.

People make a difference, and we are proud of the people working with us, from the amazing service to the skills they bring every day to the field. Be ready for some of the best royal treatment.


We run the largest bird hunting operation in Argentina and we own the largest number of Beretta & Benelli shotguns in together with all our lodges.

The price is for a 4-Night Stay in a Double occupancy room. Single rooms additional fee based upon availability.

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We are outfitters with more than a dozen years in the business who offers a different perspective on hunting desires. Our company specializes in providing personalized services because we believe that every group of guests looks for a special type of hunting program and accommodations. Our focus is to offer our guests the type of hunting experience they wish in terms of hunting and accommodation. We work every day to satisfy the needs of sophisticated and luxurious big hunting trips, as well as of small private groups of friends seeking a mid rate lodge, and also of larger groups of hunters planning to stay in a comfortable modern lodge in the hills. And all at the most affordable price in the market!

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$990.00 Per Person Per Night


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$22.00 Per Day


Pay later options are only available for trips that start more than 30 days from today.

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Please note that there is a 50% non-refundable deposit included with your booking fee. In case of cancellation, and in accordance with the Host's cancellation policy, the remaining 50% may be returned to you or applied towards rescheduling a future trip.


  • Professional Hunting Guides and Field Assistants
  • 8 Double Rooms; Each with Private Bathroom
  • Dining Room, Sitting Room, Bar, and Swimming Pool
  • Massage Service
  • Internet Access and TV
  • Argentinean Meals
  • Maid and Laundry Service
  • Gift Shop, Logo Wear, and Accessories
  • Gun Rental Semi Automatic 20 Gauges.
  • Comfortable Vehicles and Boats



Gear List

  • Weather Appropriate Hunting Attire
  • Lightweight Ankle High Shoes
  • Shooting / Safety Glasses
  • Lightweight Hat

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Rules & Guidelines

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