Pronghorn Hunting Texas

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Best Pronghorn Hunting in Texas

3-Day/2-Night Guided Hunt. Meals and Lodging Included

Pronghorn antelopes are one of the most iconic game animals of the American West and I’ve got 96 sections (61,440 acres) between Marfa and Valentine with some of the best Pronghorn hunting in Texas. This ranch is in the heart of the Marfa Plateau in West Texas, where it’s not uncommon to see 100+ Pronghorns in a day.

Like I do with all of my ranches, I limit the number of hunters and pronghorn harvested each year. This keeps the trophy quality very high and hunting pressure very low. My West Texas Pronghorns typically score in the mid-high 70s and my success rate is 100%. In 2018 one lucky hunter harvested a pronghorn that scored 85-3/8” making it the second-largest West Texas Pronghorn harvested for the year and the seventh-largest Pronghorn harvested in the state for the year!

Pronghorn Hunt Texas – Who is this hunt for:

West Texas Pronghorn are native game animals in Texas and the Pronghorn hunting season is always the first week in October with a weekend on each end. This hunting ranch is a working cattle ranch, so there is frequent traffic on roads around the ranch. The Pronghorns are accustomed to the sights and sounds of vehicles daily. The Pronghorns are less spooked by vehicles allowing us to look over numerous animals and get within 200-250 yards of most.

My Pronghorn hunts in Texas are done out of my Jeep Scrambler, which has a seat in the bed of the vehicle. The roads around the ranch are typical ranch roads that are usually kept in decent condition, except during the rainy season when road maintenance becomes difficult to keep up with. Because we spend the majority of our time hunting Pronghorn out of a vehicle and these Pronghorn more tolerant to seeing vehicles, allowing us to get closer looks at the pronghorn, hunting West Texas Pronghorn is great for the novice hunter, the experienced hunter that may not be as agile as before, or anyone in between.

Included in all Pronghorn Hunts in Texas:

  • 3 days/2 nights

  • 1 Pronghorn/hunter

  • Guide

  • Meals

  • Lodging

  • Transportation around the ranch

  • Field care of your trophy

Not included in West Texas Pronghorn Hunts:

  • Valid Texas Hunting License (General Non-Resident Hunting – Type 105 – $315 or Resident Hunting – Type 101 – $25)

  • Gratuities

  • Transportation to/from ranch

  • Skinning, caping, quartering of your trophy

  • Drinks other than coffee and water

Additional services available for all West Texas Pronghorn Hunts:

  • Non-hunting guests

  • Skinning & quartering of your trophy

  • Caping & freezing hide for transport home

About Texas Pronghorns

Pronghorn Antelopes are found exclusively in North America and are the only horned ungulate to shed their horn sheath every year. Although technically not an “antelope”, which are found in Africa and Eurasia, they are commonly called Pronghorn Antelope or “speed goat”. A Pronghorn’s best defense is its eyes, so they are typically found in the wide-open plains/prairies where their speed makes it easy for them to evade predators.

West Texas Pronghorn Antelope typically weigh 110-140lbs, live weight, and any Pronghorn in West Texas with 13” + horns would be considered a nice Pronghorn. We typically harvest Pronghorn with 14-16” horns and nice prongs.

Pronghorn Hunts Texas

Since my Pronghorn hunts are on a 96-section working cattle ranch all of my Pronghorn hunts are done out of a vehicle. This country is so big, and I have so many Pronghorn, that without the vehicle this hunt would be almost impossible. These Pronghorns are much more accustomed to seeing vehicles, versus people, so most of the shots are right from the vehicle, or in very close proximity to the vehicle.

A typical day hunting Pronghorn begins with us leaving the house just before sunrise. We hunt all morning until the mirage makes it too difficult to locate/judge Pronghorns and then return to the house for lunch. If we think we might want to stay out all day my cook will have lunches prepared, along with our drinks, for us to enjoy out during our hunt. After taking a break during the heat of the day we’ll be back in the vehicle for the afternoon hunt returning to the house shortly after dark.

Since Pronghorn are light, thin-skinned animals, and because we’re typically not shooting more than 250 yards, 1 well placed round from a 6.5 or bigger caliber usually puts them down. They are an incredible animal to add to your collection.

Pronghorn Hunting Regions

The ranch where I do most of my West Texas Pronghorn hunts is located between Marfa and Valentine. Occasionally, I will get permits on neighboring ranches in the same area.

Pronghorns are amazing animals and a great hunt, whether you are a beginner or an experienced hunter. Don’t wait too long, my Texas Pronghorn Hunts fill up quickly and you should reserve your spot as soon as possible.

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  • Guide
  • Meals
  • Lodging
  • Transportation around the ranch
  • Field care of your trophy(s)



Gear List

  • Valid TX hunting license
  • Rain Gear
  • Backpack – a water bladder in your pack is helpful
  • Comfortable boots/shoes

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Rules & Guidelines

Pronghorn Hunt Packing List

Please note that some of these links are affiliate links and I earn a small commission – at no extra cost to you. I only recommend products that I use myself and found to be useful.

With the Texas Pronghorn Season being the first week of October, with a weekend on each end, the weather is typically pretty warm. An occasional rainstorm is possible, but it’s typically warm and sunny with cool mornings and evenings. I typically wear comfortable boots, either hiking boots or snake boots, jeans or pants, a lightweight long sleeve tall collar shirt adding long sleeves, and a jacket/coat in the mornings and evenings. When it gets real cold I’ll wear insulated overalls and a big insulated coat over my normal hunting clothes.

For my hunts in the late spring, summer, and early fall (Axis, Blackbuck, late-season Turkey, early-season Elk, etc) one of the products I’ve found to be extremely important is Sawyer Products Premium Permethrin Clothing Insect Repellent.

We spend a lot of time walking/stalking through tall grass and with Sawyer Permethrin I don’t have to worry about getting chiggers or ticks on me. You spray it on your clothing, and once it dries it’s odorless and colorless. Chiggers itch so bad that they can really ruin a hunt, but with Sawyer Permethrin you don’t have to worry. I LOVE this product, and literally never leave home without it!

Here’s my suggested packing list:

  • Valid TX hunting license

  • Rain gear

  • Backpack – a water bladder in your pack is helpful

  • Comfortable boots/shoes

  • Snake boots (I typically wear snake boots to keep the cactus/thorns/brush off my legs)

  • Binoculars

  • Jeans/Pants/Insulated Overalls (Lighter weight pants for the Spring/Summer and heavier weight for the Fall/Winter)

  • Camo shirts: Short & Long Sleeve Shirts & Insulated Long Sleeve Shirts (I really love these KUIU shirts!)

  • Jacket/Coat

  • Hunting Gloves

  • Sunglasses

  • Sunscreen

  • Chapstick

  • Insect Repellent Sawyer Permethrin

  • Rifle & Ammo or Bow & Arrows

  • Uninsulated & Insulated underwear

  • Kuiu Socks and Darn tough Hiker Micro Crew Cushion socks are my favorite. They last close to forever!

  • Comfortable camp clothes

  • Personal Toiletries & Medicines

General Hunting Regulations:

In Texas, anyone of any age is required to purchase a valid hunting license in order to hunt any animal, bird, frog, or turtle. Exceptions to this rule apply in special circumstances. Hunters must also successfully complete a Hunter Education Course to obtain a license.

Additional information on bag limits, game-specific requirements, and other regulations can be found on the Texas Parks & Wildlife website.

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