North Dakota Duck / Goose Combo Hunt

1-18 Guests • Lodge • Private • Guided



For many years, I have considered North Dakota the best duck and goose hunting in the US. It is here where the migration begins for us in the lower 48 states.

Canada geese, mallards, pintails, widgeon, gadwall, and green wing teal are the majority of the species found here. Known as the "Prairie Pothole Region", it is a large part of the breeding ground that sustains ducks and geese of all kinds. While the flights can be massive earlier in the season, the birds may not be fully plumed. Pintails usually do not have the sprigs at this point. As the season progresses, the larger, more hardy mallards move down out of Canada. Many are surprised to learn how long a mallard and Canada goose will stay and tolerate such harsh weather. For me, these late-season conditions can produce some of the best hunting.

We have wheat, barley, soybean, and corn fields, with limited afternoon water hunting. The birds use the sloughs and potholes for roosting, and they feed in the fields, so thats where we like to target them. North Dakota should be on every waterfowlers bucket list!

* North Dakota offers a lottery drawing for a Tundra Swan permit. If this is something you’re interested in, apply before August here —> Swan Lottery


October - November




Bird Cleaning

Base price includes a 2 1/2 Day Hunt/ 3 -Night Lodging

Groups of 6 or more people will get an exclusive field. Groups of 3 or 4 will be combined with another group. Dogs are welcome in exclusive fields of six or more in your party.

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3-night -2 1/2 day hunt


4-Night - 3 1/2 day hunt


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North Dakota Waterfowl Outfitter Fully Licensed and insured Come enjoy some of the finest waterfowl hunting in the lower 48

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Please note that there is a 50% non-refundable deposit included with your booking fee. In case of cancellation, and in accordance with the Host's cancellation policy, the remaining 50% may be returned to you or applied towards rescheduling a future trip.


  • Fully Guided
  • Quality Decoys, Blinds, Trailers
  • Meals & Lodging
  • Bird Processing



Gear List

  • Shotgun
  • Outerwear
  • Cooler
  • Snacks

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Rules & Guidelines



1. Shotgun - A 12 gauge or 20 gauge is recommended with 3 inch to 3 1/2 inch steel or other non-toxic shot in size BBB to 2, gun rental can be supplied with prior arrangements. (Calm down, it's a pump.)

2. Outerwear - Temperatures can vary greatly in the fall, so plan accordingly. Mornings can be 0° to 30° with afternoons being 10° to 75°. Rain gear or waterproof clothing will make your hunt more enjoyable whether it pours or snows. We primarily hunt dry fields, so leather boots will work sometimes, but we highly recommend waterproof insulated knee boots. Afternoon hunts will most likely take place on water, so waders are great to have. Our lodging includes towels, linens, and cooking supplies, but your favorite pillow, soap, and brand of coffee is on you. Please bring house shoes; no hunting boots in cabins or lodge.

3. Cooler - Bring a cooler to transport your birds home with you. Part of an ethical hunt is the proper use of game. We cannot take your birds. The birds you shoot are yours, and you must take them - no exceptions.

4. Snacks - When in the field, snacks are nice to have!

5. Dogs - Dogs are welcome in exclusive groups of 6 or more. Please bring a field blind for your dog that he/she is used to using. We can provide you with one, however dogs are not people, they often will not just hop right in if they have never seen or smelled it before. The morning of your hunt is an unfortunate time to learn this.


Devils Lake, ND - When hunting in Devils Lake, Grand Forks International (GFK) is the closest international airport. Devils Lake regional (DVL) is an option for smaller private planes. Some commercial airlines offer a commuter flight to the regional airport. Grand Forks is one hour and fifteen minutes away.


Each airport listed above offers major vehicle rental companies. We recommend selecting an SUV or truck in advance for your arrival. You will follow your guide to the field each morning.


Arrival for your hunt should be either late afternoon or early evening the day prior to allow for check in and paperwork.


Check-in is after 4 PM at each location, and check out will be 12pm the morning of your last day's hunt.


North Dakota non-residents and residents require state license and stamps as well as a federal duck stamp. If 45 days have passed since purchase, must have physical stamp. Select zone three, and you'll save some money. Click this link to purchase license. NDGF


Many of you have been on a guided hunt with an outfitter before, and some have not. Everyone operates a little differently with what should be the same goal. Our goal is to provide you, our client, with a quality hunting experience conducted by a knowledgeable, professional, and friendly guide.

While shopping for an outfitter for your trip, usually price is a big factor in deciding who you chose. I think value is of the up-most importance. "What am I getting for the money?" We use up-to-date equipment by quality national manufacturers. Decoys, blinds, trailers etc., are provided in appropriate quantities to be effective in all situations that arise in the field. The lodges and accommodations are very well-kept and maintained.

Birds are cleaned (breasted with a bird hitch with wings attached for legal transport), frozen and labeled for legal transport.

Upon check-in, we will fill out required paperwork. At that point, relax!

Unload your gear, pour a drink and have dinner. It's your choice; this is your time!

Our scouts return or report after dark each day, so a plan won't be made on where or when we will hunt the next morning until then. We will let you know once we have our scout/guide meeting.

Hunts are conducted in the morning and last until we have our limit or the flight is over. If we are well short of a limit, afternoon water options are available for those interested. When things go really well and we're done early, the day is yours to enjoy at your leisure.

If your joining us in North Dakota, we offer afternoon walleye fishing by an awesome local charter. (additional fee for fishing)

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