Mountain Lion / Cougar Hunts | Utah & Colorado

1-21 Guests • Trailer • Private • Guided


Hunting Mountain Lion on our ranch is by far the most unpredictable, challenging and sometimes the most frustrating. There are so many uncontrolled factors and conditions that contribute to this hunt, each is unique. Hunts can take as long as half a day to ten days and are definitely not a hunt for the faint of heart. The pursuit is a far greater thrill than the actual kill, but to harvest a Mountain Lion is certainly worth every minute and every effort expended.

On our ranch we have a fair number of cats, and usually it is not a problem getting one up a tree or on a rock. These hunts are conducted with the use of highly trained and experienced hound dogs and boy what a thrill!

Mountain Lion Hunting Package

Priced Per Person

Hunts are typically set up with a 5 Day Hunt base price (1x1) with each additional day being a set additional fee to be selected when booking.

We hunt lions from November to April in Utah and Colorado (see FAQs for more information about Colorado fees).

Mountain lion hunts include lodging and meals in our campers or cabins, guiding, skinning and trophy care.

Quality taxidermy is available with a recommended local taxidermist. See FAQs for more information.

I have known Josh for better than a decade and have sent literally dozens of hunters to hunt with him. He has an excellent reputation as a hardworking outfitter that does his best to provide a first class hunt! I personally hunted mountain lions with him this past winter and what an incredible hunt it was!! Josh is a hunting machine and went above and beyond, as he is known to do. His magnetic personality along with hard working guides make him one of the best! I would send my best friend with him - No Question!

Jason C.

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Joshua H

Our ranch was homesteaded by our great-great-grandfather in the early 1900s and we operate 1,000 head of beef cattle on it today. It is located in the northeast corner of Utah, stretching into Colorado to the east and closely bordering Wyoming to the north.

from $7150/Experience

You can also pay a 50% deposit now and a final payment before your trip.

$660.00 Per Person Per Item


Base Price

$7150.00 Per Person Per Experience


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Please note that there is a 50% non-refundable deposit included with your booking fee. In case of cancellation, and in accordance with the Host's cancellation policy, the remaining 50% may be returned to you or applied towards rescheduling a future trip.


  • Guided Hunt
  • Meals & Beverages
  • Lodging



Gear List

  • Weapon of Choice
  • Personal Items
  • Hunting Clothes
  • Tags, Permits, License

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Rules & Guidelines

What does your guide rate include?

•  The rate includes a five-day hunt and everything but state licensing and permit fees.

•  Any gas station stops, the hunter will be responsible for whatever he or she chooses to purchase.

•  You are responsible for weapon of choice, hunting clothes, personal effects and transportation to and from Vernal, UT.

What can I expect for lodging?

•  We offer full-service lodges and camp trailers, where you will be served breakfast, dinner and provided with a sack lunch for midday or return to camp for lunch.

•  Keep in mind that when staying in a cabin or camp trailer in the winter months we will not have running water.

•  We limit our camps to avoid overcrowding but still allow for plenty of camaraderie. Practice targets will be available to keep you tuned up for that chance at a trophy.

What should I tip my guide?

•  This is always a sensitive question, but one we get all of the time. Industry standard is 10-20%.

What happens if I don't kill a Mountain Lion?

•  If for some reason we don't kill the mountain lion of your choice within the five days of your hunt, you can continue hunting for $600 a day thereafter and if you want to come back the next year for that rate also, until you kill your mountain lion.

What are the temperatures like during the hunt?

•  Temperatures can range from below zero to mid 50-60s.

Where is your ranch?

•  Our ranch is located near Vernal, UT in northeastern Utah, where we will meet you.

What types of tags / permits will I need to purchase?

•  We usually have hunters buy Utah and Colorado tags so we can cover more ground.

•  For Utah, tag and fees information can be found by reading Utah's 2015-2016 Cougar Guidebook (

Apply online at Utah Hunt:

•  For Colorado, tag and fees information can be found by reading Colorado Mountain Lion Hunting (

Apply online at Colorado Parks & Wildlife:

How soon will I need my license?

•  Licenses MUST be purchased at least 10 days before your arrival to hunt. There is a 10-day waiting period before your tag is valid.

Are you a member of any guide associations?

•  Yes, we are a member of the Utah and Colorado Guides Associations.

What should I expect regarding my cape and taxidermy?

•  Trophy care includes hauling your animal off mountain to the cabin where we have hanging racks for the animal.

•  We will cape your trophy and put it in your cooler or assist in making arrangements with your taxidermist.

License Fees

Resident 365-Day Hunting License Fees:*

Age 13 and under $11

Ages 14-17 $16

Ages 18-64 $34

Age 65 and older $25

Multi-Year Hunting License (age 18 and older) $33 per year, up to five years

Combination License Fees:*

Ages 14-17 $20

Ages 18-64 $38

Age 65 and older $29

Multi-Year Combination License (age 18 and older) $37 per year, up to five years

Nonresident 365-Day Hunting License Fees:*

Age 17 and younger $25

Age 18 and older $65

Multi-Year Hunting License (age 18 and older) $64 per year, up to five years 

Nonresident Combination License Fees:*

Age 17 and younger $29

Age 18 and older $85

Multi-Year Combination License (age 18 and older) $84 per year, up to five years

*Licenses are valid for 365 days from the date of purchse and a combination license allows you to hunt or fish in Utah and also allows you to fish with a second pole.

Resident Fees:

Cougar harvest-objective permit $58

Nonresident Fees:

Cougar harvest-objective permit $258

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