Maine Black Bear Hunt

1-10 Guests • No Lodging • Public • Guided


Guided Bear Hunts

5-Day Hunt Over Bait

Black Bear Hunting in Maine

Maine has a very healthy, stable black bear population, and it’s estimated at 35,000 according to the state’s Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. Statewide we average 9 bears per 100 square miles. In our zone seem to have a higher percentage. Our region is Northern Maine, a consistent producer of adult bears each season.

As a bear hunting outfitter, we limit each week to 8 to 10 participants, to make sure they get a personalized hunt. We have hunted this area for the last two years and know how to get the bears to come in. We manage our bear sites for a sustainable harvest.

We aim to provide the hunter an opportunity to harvest a natural Maine Black Bear, dressing out at over 200 pounds. Maine black bears reach full maturity (adult size) at about 5 years old. Boars will average 250 – 600 pounds. Sow (female bear) are smaller weighing in from 100-400 pounds. We have close to 100% sightings for each bear sight that we have.

The four-week bait season for black bears varies some each year but is typically the last week of August through the third week of September, ending just before the first bull moose week.

For your best chance at getting that mature Maine Black bear is to book with a reputable guide and outfitter.

Choosing your Bear Hunting Guide/Outfitter

There are many Hunting Guides and Outfitters to choose from. Make the choice carefully. Everyone here at the lodge are avid hunter, and we work extremely hard to provide you with the type of hunt that we would want for when we are booking a guided hunt. Here are some things that set us apart from other Outfitters:

  • We have a range for sighting in your gun or bow upon arrival and we have an orientation meeting the first night before dinner. After dinner, we go over what site you will be at, share pictures of the bears hitting our sites, shot placement, how to judge the size of the bear, as well as other tips and tricks.
  • The tree stands we use are certified by the Tree Stand Manufactures Association, safe and comfortable. Most do have a seating pad but feel free to bring one from home. Anyone in a tree stand is required to always have a harness on, while in the stand. (Welcome to bring your own or borrow one).
  • The bear bait sites we have been pre-baited starting in July (when the law states we can), we place cameras on the sites to pattern the bears’ activity for up to 30 days prior to your hunt.
  • Stands and ground blinds are set up to provide gun hunters an approximate 35 or less-yard shot and for bow hunters no more than a 20-yard shot.
  • Stands are set for left or right-handed shooters and have shooting rails or bow hangers, as needed by the hunter. (Hunter will notify us what they will be using as a weapon on the hunt)
  • We have a rotation of sites so that the bears do not get over-pressured. Ensuring that our hunters have fresh areas to hunt.
  • Our hunters will be placed on active sights, monitored with game cameras and we have several sites available for each hunter.
  • Our Guides will take you directly to your tree stand or ground blind, make sure bait is fresh and you are situated in your stand or ground blind.
  • We will field dress your bear and will recommend butchers in our area and taxidermists in our area.
  • All Hunters will be given a radio to use to contact your guide in the field.
  • We recommend scent-free clothing, also that you bring scent-free soap to shower with. If you need to wash anything we can provide scent-free soap.

How we run our Bear Hunts in Northern Maine:

Our bear hunting packages give hunters a great opportunity to harvest a big game trophy that eludes many hunters who have spent a lifetime in the woods. The absolute thrill of seeing a mature boar or sow silently appear at the edge of your vision is enough to get anyone’s heart racing!

We have put in a lot of thought on how to set up our bear sites whether it be from a tree stand or a ground blind. We can accommodate bow hunters, rifle hunters, muzzleloaders, and pistol hunters. We can make both left- and right-handed hunters comfortable and provide a confident shooting distance. Our guide will drive you within walking distance of your bear hunt site and get you settled into your stand or ground blind. Youth hunters can get a hunting license and do a bear hunt, accompanied by an adult. At 16 years old they can hunt on their own. We can set a pair of stands or ground blinds together for a parent and youth hunter sharing a hunt of a lifetime!

We will provide 2-way radios for access to your guide when you need him. We will come and get you at the end of legal shooting time and bring you back to the lodge for a nice home-cooked meal.

We have wonderful accommodations and each bedroom has access to its own bathroom. We have shared rooms with no more than 3 max in each room unless a group has reserved a room. We do have two rooms that can accommodate a group of five and one room that can accommodate 2 hunters. The lodge also has a great menu of home-cooked food. While at the lodge in your downtime, it is always a great time to tell hunting stories with your fellow hunters/guests. We only allow up to 10 hunters per week, this will give everyone a chance to make new friends or catch up with old ones. The camaraderie between bear hunter is a very special one! We have hunters that come stay with us year after year, no matter what hunting season it is. You may come into our lodge as a hunter looking to enjoy your time in the woods, but you will leave as part of the Family. Our staff will do everything possible to make sure that you have a great time on your Northern Maine Black Bear Hunt!

What to Expect on a typical day of your Bear Hunt:

Your hunt starts with us on Sunday with you arriving in the afternoon arrival. We will start your stay off with a little time at the range to make sure your rifle, bow, handgun, etc. is sighted in. Then we will move into dinner with appetizers at the Lodge. After dinner, we will have a gathering to get to know each other, get to know the guide(s) & staff, and also give everyone a run down on what to expect for the week. As well as answer any questions you may have. This meeting is pretty informative, and you should find it helpful for your week ahead.

Breakfast at the Lodge starts about 7:30 am and while you’re enjoying a nice hot breakfast our guide(s) and guide helper are out making sure each bear site is freshened up. They will also review the cameras at each site for signs of bear from the previous baiting. You can spend your morning relaxing, trying your hand at calling in Coyotes, or rent an ATV from one of the local areas' power sports.

Lunch is our big dinner of the day and is served at about 11:30 am/Noon. After eating, you will get ready to go out for the afternoon hunt. Transportation to and from your bait site is included. We will leave the lodge at about 1:30 pm and begin to deliver hunters to the sites. You will be walked into your site and the guide will wait while you get into the tree stand with all gear or your ground blind. He/she will then make sure you're comfortable and ready for action! Each hunter will be given a radio, for safety and for when you shoot your bear. So that we can respond quickly to recover the bear. Occasionally we do have a big bear feeding on baits in the mornings. When this happens, we will sometimes put a hunter out on that site in the morning.

Hunting hours end a half hour after sunset, every day. If you have not had an opportunity for a shot and are still in your tree stand/ground blind, the guide will pick up each hunter at the end of legal shooting time. The guide will walk into the bait site via flashlight, in order to help you exit the site for the night. He/she will also shoo away any bears nearby so that they do not peg a hunter coming out of a tree stand or ground blind. Once all of the hunters are picked up, you will come back to the lodge to a good old-fashioned home-cooked meal and tall tales of bear sightings and of bears shot..

Base price is per hunter for a 5-Day hunt with 6 nights of lodging. Non-hunting guests or Non-hunting observers as well as round-trip airport pickup from Presque Isle Airport may be added for an additional fee. Tax is not included and will be calculated upon arrival.

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Airport pick up (Pick up vehicle only holds 4; Per Car load)


Non Hunting Observer (covers one person)


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Base Price

$2860.00 Per Person Per Experience


$165.00 Per Item


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Pay later options are only available for trips that start more than 30 days from today.

Total Payment


Please note that there is a 50% non-refundable deposit included with your booking fee. In case of cancellation, and in accordance with the Host's cancellation policy, the remaining 50% may be returned to you or applied towards rescheduling a future trip.


  • Guided Hunt
  • Rooms Sleep 3 Hunters & Have a Private Bathroom
  • Washer/Dryer
  • Old Fashioned Home Cooked Food
  • Site in Range
  • New tree stands and blinds from Cabela's
  • New Harnesses for tree stands
  • Bar room
  • Ample Parking for Trucks and Trailers
  • Close to ATV Trail
  • Close to Hunting Areas
  • All Bear Bait Included in Hunt
  • Airport Pick Up Available For Additional Fee
  • Close to Tagging Station and Butcher
  • Top Notch Lodging From Sunday to Saturday



Gear List

  • Hunting clothing
  • Rubber boots and comfortable hunting boots
  • Rain Gear/Cool Weather Jacket/Gear
  • Weapon to hunt with (Firearm or Bow)

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Rules & Guidelines

  1. NO smoking in the facility. Only in designated areas.
  2. No smoking at bear sites.
  3. Do Not leave pee bottles on any hunting site.
  4. NO drug use.
  5. DO not miss treat the staff (swearing at them, bulling them, etc.)
  6. No shooting on site with out the guide.
  7. Any wounded animal will be considered a dead animal for the purpose of fulling your license for that species. NO EXCEPTIONS. First blood is the Rustic Retreat Lodge LLC’s policy.
  8. No alcoholic beverages before you go out to hunt.

Bear Hunt What’s included:

  • Lodging from Sunday to Saturday
  • All home cooked meals (Sunday evening to Saturday morning)
  • All bait for the week
  • Tree stand and harness/ground blinds and chairs
  • Professional Guide
  • Transportation from Lodge to bear site
  • Transportation to tagging station and processor
  • Bed linens and bathroom linens
  • Washer/dryer for personal use
  • Firing range to site in guns, and bows
  • Radios for contact with guides/lodge
  • Parking for trucks and trailers

What is NOT included:

  • Licenses
  • Gratuities (15-20% is customary)
  • Meat Processing Fees
  • Taxidermy Fees
  • Weapons / Ammo

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