Lower Current & Jacks Fork - Shuttle Tour in the Ozarks

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Alley Springs and Mill-

Alley Spring, the natural area’s namesake, is the seventh largest spring in Missouri. The spring conduit is known to extend at least 3000 feet underground and reaches at least 155 feet below the surface. Rainfall and runoff entering sinkholes around the town of Summersville, 15 miles to the northwest, has been determined to enter the labyrinth of cave passageways formed in dissolved dolomite ( a type of limestone) under the Missouri Ozarks and exit at Alley Spring. Just outside of the natural area is Alley Spring gristmill that was built in 1894. Despite the historic use of the spring to power a mill, Alley Spring has retained its biological integrity. The cool waters issuing forth from Alley Spring flow through a spring branch for a half-mile before entering the Jacks Fork River. Here in the spring branch cool water (58 degrees Fahrenheit) provides habitat for colorful Ozark fishes including the southern redbelly dace, the Ozark sculpin, and the bleeding shiner.

Blue Spring-

Called "Spring of the Summer Sky" by Native Americans, the more famous Blue Spring is on the Current River and is one of the most beautiful places you'll ever find, anywhere. The spring itself is over 310 feet deep, one of the deepest in the United States.This gives it a vivid blue color that one must see to believe. If you were to place the Statue of Liberty in Blue Spring, her torch would be five feet below the surface of the water!

Rocky Falls-

Few places in the Ozarks provide a glimpse of earth’s turbulent past as well as Rocky Falls. The reddish-brown rock you see here is rhyolite porphyry. It formed as molten rock deep within the earth and flowed onto the surface about 1.5 billion years ago. At the time, no living thing existed to see the awesome flow of glowing hot lava slowly advancing over the barren landscape.

Normally, a stream eroding softer dolomite, a type of limestone, would make a wider valley for itself. Since the rhyolite is harder, the stream tends to stay within whatever cracks that it finds, deepening them only a little by erosion. Thus a“shut in” is formed where the harder rock has “shut in” the stream. Farther downstream, past the constricting rhyolite, the stream valley widens once again. This allows the stream to expand into a pool. Rocky Falls can be visited year round.

Above are three of the sites that will be shown. Please wear appropriate walking shoes!


While the Lower Current River starts at the 2 Rivers Junction, the 52-mile reach in Carter and Ripley counties from Van Buren to the Arkansas state line offers some big water for smallmouth bass, walleye, and suckers. Look for smallmouth bass in deep bluff holes or areas with large boulders or rootwads in the summer.

(All info taken from: https://seetheozarks.com/van-buren/lower-current-river/)

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We follow the Leave No Trace principles, which means that we will not leave anything behind during our exploration of the area. Please expect to pack everything out with you, including trash.

We can make pit stops for lunch & bathroom breaks.

Please wear sturdy shoes and weather appropriate clothing.

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