Half or Full-Day Wade Trip (Mahahual / Sian Ka'an)

1-2 Guests • No Lodging • Public • Guided


Our half day trip is 4 hours long and includes all tackle, flies, ice and drinks. We will pick you up either from your hotel or cruise ship terminal. Our wade trips cater to up to 2 anglers, targeting Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon, Triggerfish and other game species. Please choose what time you would like your charter to start from and we will then contact you after completing the booking to finalize your itinerary.

Where We Fish


Mahahual is a quaint tourist town on the eastern tip of the Yucatan peninsula, around 5 hours south of Cancun. It is a laid back, friendly and more traditional town to that of, say Tulum. The population is small and mostly serviced by the influx of cruise ship tourists and more the adventurous land-based tourists that venture down south.

The town of Mahahual sits more or less in the centre of some fantastic fishing. Our fishing comprises of ‘walk and wade’ beach fishing, turtle grass flats and Cenotes. To the north, we have the renowned ‘Espiritu Santo Bay’, and to the south, we have Xcalak and the vast expansive flats of ‘Chetumal Bay’. In between this, we have roughly 80 miles of beaches, bays, flats, coral, rocky points etc. This mix forms a fantastic habitat for all of the Caribbeans famed inshore game fish species.

Flats Fishing

The coastline around Mahahual and Xcalak is home to a mix of luscious green turtle grass and expansive white sand flats that seem to stretch on forever. We also have several broken rock/coral flats akin to something you might see in Seychelles. This variety of water gives us lots of options depending on the species you would like to target and the way you would like to fish them. We also have a number of options for all levels of experience and any unplanned tropical weather shifts.

Our flats fishing options allow us to target Bonefish, Permit, Triggerfish, Jacks and Barracuda along with the occasional Tarpon. Flats fishing is predominantly sight fishing to either cruising, tailing or sighted fish. This is the ultimate in inshore fishing and is bound to get any anglers heart racing.

We will rig for the flats in the same way as we rig for our beach fishing, generally 8 weights for Bones and Triggers and a 9/10 for Permit. We may play around and switch things up depending on weather conditions and species we encounter.

Beach Fishing

Our beach fishing mostly takes place south of town and can be prolific. We find Bonefish, Permit, Jacks, Snook, Barracuda and the occasional Triggerfish. On calmer days it is possible to have great sport chasing the large schools of Bonefish around in lighter surf and knee-deep water. Watching good-sized Bonefish cruising in on the breaking waves is something that never gets old. We will also find good numbers of Permit on the beach and in sheltered bays. Chasing these fish in clear water has to be on top of any anglers list.

Although Bonefish and Permit are top on our list, we will also carry a 10 weight or 30-50g spin rod for casting to bigger species such as Barracuda, Jacks and the occasional beach Snook. The beauty of our beach fishing options is you never know what will cruise through next.


Our Cenote fishery is very special. Come and experience a unique fishery, steeped in local Mayan culture and significance and learn about the history of this area while sending silver missiles cartwheeling through the air. These Cenotes are a vast system of underwater caverns and tunnels, spilling out to the sea and bubbling upwards to form mangrove-lined, brackish lakes in the sheltered coastal jungles. We have a good number of Cenotes located within a 1-hour drive.

These Cenotes are anywhere from 15 to 300+ acres and are home to Tarpon, Snook and a range of smaller species. Tarpon here can range from 10-40lbs, with fish of 80lbs plus seen and caught each season. The snook population is also plentiful, and good fish of 10-15lbs plus are seen regularly.

These fisheries are only accessible by boat and as such we are excited to offer our clients the ability to fish on our US built 14ft Gheenoe. This allows us to quietly stalk these fish either via push pole or trolling motor. Most of the fishing is done in clearer water and to sighted fish, however, at certain times of the year, we find the Cenotes more of a tea-stained colour due to seasonal rains. In these situations, we will fish to rolling or cruising fish of blind fish with surface flies to likely spots. Doing this allows our clients to get shots at fish no matter the conditions.

Base price is for the Half-Day Trip (4 hours). To book a full day, select the appropriate Add-On when booking.

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We are a sport fishing guiding and consulting business, based in southern Quintana Roo, Mexico. We run guided fly and light tackle wade trips and charters on both the flats, and inshore coastal waters of Sian Ka’an, Mahahual and Chetumal Bay. Our range covers over 550 square miles, encapsulating some of the best Bonefish, Permit, and Tarpon fishing on the planet. ​ We run trips year-round for the big 3 species, as well as targeting Barracuda, Snook, Triggerfish, and various reef species. We also offer Lobster diving in the summer months when the lobster season is open as an additional add on to your fishing charter.

from $220/Day

You can also pay a 50% deposit now and a final payment before your trip.

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Base Price

$220.00 Per Day


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Please note that there is a 50% non-refundable deposit included with your booking fee. In case of cancellation, and in accordance with the Host's cancellation policy, the remaining 50% may be returned to you or applied towards rescheduling a future trip.


  • Expert Local Guide
  • Excellent Quality Gear
  • Full Quiver of Thomas & Thomas Fly Rods
  • Daiwa & Teklon Spinning Rods
  • Wide Range of Lure Fishing Kits and Flies
  • Polarized Sunglasses Available for use



Gear List

  • Sunscreen (essential)
  • UV Protective Clothing (Shirt/Sun Sleeves/Hat/etc)
  • Polarized Sunglasses
  • Flats Boots

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Rules & Guidelines

What to bring on a wade fishing trip with us?

We pride ourselves on providing you with excellent quality gear to use during your trip with us. Our gear is maintained and checked regularly to make sure we have no failures or breakages. We are fortunate to work with some great companies in the fly and lure fishing industry to make this happen and guarantee you the best gear available on every trip.

On our fly fishing trips, we have a full quiver of Thomas and Thomas Exocett fly rods from #6-11, as well as spare rods from both Thomas and Thomas and G. Loomis. We also have a selection of Nautilus, and Hatch fly reels, rigged with 50lbs gel spun backing and double Bimini twists. This is a proven formula for success, and we believe the most reliable and durable connection from backing to fly line. In addition to this, we have a range of Cortland guide series and liquid series fly lines cat pawed to the double Bimini. Finally, on the front of the fly line, we have a hand-tied leader.

On our light tackle trips, we run a range of Daiwa and Teklon spinning rods. These rods are precision built in Japan to high standards. These are very light and responsive, yet have a strong backbone to subdue bigger fish and push out lures or baits into a wind. We rig these rods with the fantastic Daiwa BG series reels from 2500 to 4500 size depending on the fishing type. As the final addition to the setup, we rig our reels with either Varivas Avani or Suffix X8 braided line. These lines are very fine in diameter for the breaking strain and offer fantastic feel, so you know what is happening at the end of your line. We like to attach a fluorocarbon leader to the end of our braid for added stealth and abrasion resistance. It also allows us to use a quick-change system to maximise your time on the water and your chances to target a wider variety of species.

It goes without saying, but we also have a wide range of lure fishing kit and a large selection of flies. This means that you shouldn’t need to bring any expensive kit to have a great trip. That said, there are a few things that may be worth taking or that we are unable to provide for every trip and as such we have added a kit list below.

Kit List:

-Sunscreen (essential)

-UV protective clothing (shirts, sun sleeves, hat, buff etc. We would recommend a company like Simms, Columbia or Patagonia)

-Polarised sunglasses (we provide pairs of Costa 580 G green mirror and sunrise/silver mirror but don’t have lenses for prescriptions etc.)

-Flats boots (necessary on all wade trips. Companies like Orvis, Simms and Patagonia provide a range of boots, but the standard neoprene bootie works great)

-Camera (we carry a camera on al trips, but it is always nice to have one handy to document your trip)

-Rain gear (yes it’s true, sometimes it does rain in paradise!)

-Smile (it is important to enjoy the whole experience along with the fishing)

-Any tackle you would like to fish with

While we provide all gear necessary on our trips, we are more than happy for you to bring any kit you have at home. We can advise on kit to bring or purchase and are happy to rig and set up anything you require. This is also the case with any flies you have tied for your trip. We have a series of easy to follow fly tying tutorials available here to give you an idea of what we like to throw down here. We are big believers in catching fish on flies you have tied yourself. What better way to add that little bit extra to your trip then landing one of the big three on a fly you have tied yourself!

We also provide soft drinks and snacks on all our trips. Our full-day trips have lunch included, along with soft drinks and snacks. We will converse with you before your trip to make sure we cover any allergies or dietary requirements before your trip

Please note, there is a 50% non refundable deposit included with your payment when booking.

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