Guided Spring Snow Goose Hunts in Southeast Missouri

5-10 Guests • Lodge • Private • Guided


Missouri Spring Snow Goose

Base price is for a 2-Day Hunt. Make it a 3-day hunt for an additional fee.

Our Experience

We’ve been in business hunting snow geese since 2002, and what started as a small waterfowl business has flourished into a full-fledged annual snow goose hunting company. You can expect to hunt geese that come from as far as the Baffin Islands, Queen Maud Gulf, and Islands in the Northwest Territories and on Hudson Bay. Spending most of their winter in SE Missouri’s rice farming region, these geese are located right where we begin our snow goose hunts.

The Spring Snow Goose Hunting Season

The spring snow goose hunting season starts right at the beginning of February; however, we highly recommend hunters to book their hunt in advance because our spots fill up long before the New Year. So if you wait too long, you may lose your spot in our hunting party. Avoid making this mistake and contact us well before to ensure that you go hunting with us this spring season.

Thousands of snow geese rest south of us during winter, so this makes our area great to hunt spring snow geese once flocks start flying north for the spring migration. Since a large number of snow geese constantly move further north during these months, our ideal location in the boot heel of Missouri gives you a front seat to some of the best fields throughout the area.

As they, being migrating, we follow them to our ideal snow goose staging grounds in Missouri by Squaw Creek NWR located near Mound City. This is where our season ends, anywhere between the middle to end of March. The region has been known to hold as many as 2 million snow geese at one time, so just seeing that many geese can be an overwhelming experience, let along hunting them.

The Toys & Decoys

We ensure that the appropriate gear is used. Hunting without proper gear isn’t only wasteful; it just isn’t as fun. We have all the right decoys that include Dakota X-Treme Snow & Blue goose Decoys, made in the U.S.A Hard Core Full-Body Snow Goose Decoys, New style Avery fully body decoys, Snow Goose Slammer Socks, The Clone real motion flapping decoys and Flyright machines. The usage of these in our decoy spreads substantially improves hunting productivity.

The Secret to Our Success

Since snow geese are very observing and cautious, our guided snow goose hunts will enhance your hunting experience. You’re in good hands with our veteran hunting guides because they are highly skilled at snow goose hunting. They don’t leave anything to chance and always look over even the smallest details to ensure a successful hunt. From decoy placement to when to call the shot, they will guide you through the whole snow goose hunt so that your trophy doesn’t get away. Our 15 years of experience ensures that you get the best hunt you’ve ever had.

We Know the Neighborhood

We are Missouri-based, so we know the area like the back of our hand. This allows us to scour the back roads and expand our land holdings to include the most productive hunting grounds we can find. Our customized goose hunts let you stay for as many or as few days as you want.

We run ice eaters when appropriate to help keep open water during cold spells.

Base price is for a 2-Day Hunt.

Make it a 3-Day hunt for an additional fee.

5 - 10 hunters per group, max.

Children 15 and younger are free when accompanied by a paid adult.

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3-Day Hunt


Your Host

Jon's Trip

Jon E

Our stellar track record as Missouri snow goose outfitter speaks for itself because we keep at it year after year. Missouri snow goose hunting doesn’t get any better than with our professional hunting guides who create the most favorable conditions to make sure that you have a productive goose hunt.

from $550/Experience

Base Price

$550.00 Per Person Per Experience


$110.00 Per Person Per Item


Pay later options are only available for trips that start more than 30 days from today.

Total Payment


Please note that there is a 50% non-refundable deposit included with your booking fee. In case of cancellation, and in accordance with the Host's cancellation policy, the remaining 50% may be returned to you or applied towards rescheduling a future trip.


  • Expert Guide
  • Full Kitchen & Coffee Maker
  • Decoys
  • Pit / Blind



Gear List

  • Shotgun & Ammo
  • Hunting Dog
  • Hunting License & Permits
  • ATV / UTV

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Rules & Guidelines


In Field Transportation:

Once you arrive at your hunting destination hunters normally walk out to the hunting blinds or pits. We can haul your gear if the roads are drivable or the guide has an ATV.  We do not guarantee a ATV or UTV. Most walks are not bad but due to weather at times it can be tough. Hunters can bring their own ATV’s or UTV’s if you so wish.

In Southeast Missouri one of our Duck hunting fields is close to a mile off of the road, We recommend that you bring a UTV or ATV to reduce your time and make it easier for you to go back and forth. 

Man’s Best Friend: Hunting Retrievers

We welcome the use of waterfowl Hunting Retrievers, but only one & with full hunting parties please notify us when making reservations.

Please bring provisions for your buddy too!

Hunting Retrievers Available:

Our Guides can provide trained retrievers most times, while hunting with your party if needed and if you do not have one or in a smaller, mixed hunting parties.

Retrievers not available for Unguided groups.

Guarantees, Warranties and Mother Nature

While we provide every possible opportunity to shoot your limit of birds, we are hunting migratory birds that can and do travel hundreds of miles in a single evening. We cannot guarantee birds, while we do everything we can to give you the opportunity to shoot your birds, we are hunting wild migratory birds that can travel many miles at night or across state borders in a night. We do not guarantee birds, but we do guarantee that our experienced guides will do everything possible giving you the opportunity to bag your limit.

Lodging, Bathing and Food

Lodging includes full Kitchens with all utensils, Coffee Maker (not the coffee), Microwave, Basic Dish TV, Towels and Bedding.

Missouri Duck and Goose Hunting Reservations and Information:

  • Hunting dates will be chosen by a first deposit, first choice basis.
  • Deposit- A 50% non- refundable deposit is included with your payment when you book.
  • If you cancel your hunt there is No Refund!
  • If you have a problem with the guide or other hunters, let me know right then so I can fix the problem do not wait until you are home or after the hunt there is nothing I can do at that point!
  • Our duck and goose hunts are from layout blinds, chairs, A-frame, skid blinds and pit blinds. It is your responsibility to tell us and make mention on your waivers if you or one in your group is unable to hunt from a layout blind or layout chair, do not tell us after the hunt or as you arrive for your hunt! We will be unable able to move you to a special location on the last minute.
  • Hunters are Not allowed in the field with out being accompanied by one of our guides! if you sneak back for an extra hour of hunting with out the guide your hunt will be canceled with no refund! This is a Safety and Insurance issue.
  • Hunting is hunting as everyone knows, one day can be great and the next not. If you elect to end your hunt early or not hunt the next day that is your choice. Do not call and ask for a free day later or next season.
  • During the Migration birds move and at times we must too in order to get you the best chances! We supply you with direct Hotel and Motel phone numbers to secure the best rates with best and easiest cancelation policies.
  • If we call you and tell you not to come, we are doing this for a reason! if you decide to not heed our warnings you are responsible and will be required to pay for your entire hunt.
  • If for any reason you decide to cut your hunt short and you have booked one of our lodgings in SE Missouri there will not be a refund for your lodging nights not used.

Tipping Your Hunting Guides

Tips are not included in hunting rates. Tipping your guide is not based on number of birds taken but on the long hours of work they do, long before you arrive, while your hunting and each day when you're done they are still working add or moving decoys and scouting 15% to 20% is normal with leaving larger tips.

Depending on the length of a freeze & how cold it gets, we may ask to change your hunting dates to provide you with the best options available. If we decide that is in your best interest to change your hunt, we will try move your dates to later in the current season, but worst case scenario we will roll your dates over to the following season.

Only one free child hunter per paid adult.

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