Family Mountain Man Living History Encampment Experience

2-5 Guests • No Lodging • Public • Guided


This is an incredible Living History hands-on experience for a family of 4… 2 full days & 2 nights under the stars in a Frontier Settlement…

Join us for a trip back in time when the world was less complicated & a simple handshake & a friendly barter were the common language of the era. Back when men hunted & trapped for a living. When painted tipis reached to the clouds & Native Indians played their drums by the fire under a sky full of planets & stars, the smells of organic foods cooking over the fire. The night air flooded with flickering lanterns shadowing a dim path. Kids & their parents play in bare feet, hoot owls in the night, making new friends, living in the midst of real Live Living History.

Your family will spend 2 days & 2 nights in the thick of it… living out of a primitive era lodge completely stocked with period furnishings, listening to tall tales around a campfire, and eating & drinking from tin cups & plates. We will establish your lodge, furnishings, & cooking area, dining set up, cooking & eating supplies. We will prepare & cook the meals & provide bottled healthy drinks… 3 square for both days … you bring the snacks…You will bunk in a canvas wall-tent… there are hot showers so bring bathing supplies…This is for families interested in hands-on living history... Camp Hinneah is a sprawling 40 acre unplugged wilderness education outdoor classroom located in Stockton Mo. in the heart of The Ozark Hills…

children 5 & under are welcome but cannot participate in the experience...

So much of our American history is lost or just plain untrue... Thru interaction we hope to show students of all ages just how exciting history can be when your right there in the middle of it...



Mountain Man Camp...
Meet at the Mountain man camp discover the heart of the Woodsman & the Woodswoman, their clothing, the primitive lodge & contents in your encampment & get a feel of how they thrive in the wilderness balancing thru nature

Tanning hides & making Buckskin...
learn the basics of turning deer hide into buckskin & then into the essential clothing & footwear… scrap a hide & try your hand at tanning

Blazing The Trail...
We will be taking a nature walk around the camp & identifying plants that are edible, medicine or poison… you will contribute to primitive shelter build using found natural materials & primitive hand tools

Tomahawk Throw...
Adults try your hand at the tomahawk throw & hit the log target

Archery… Warriors come forth & learn Archery techniques & shoot the target

Cabin Build...
Experience the mountain man life while sawing logs, splitting wood & using a Froe to make old fashioned shingles

Fur Trapper Wilderness Education...
Touch & learn identification of furs, feathers, turtle shells & animal skulls, antlers & bones from all over the United States

Traders Row… Introduction to leather… test textures, characteristics, & strength of hides, leather & fur… create your own medicine bag for your neck using natural leather or hide, scrap fur, beads, bones, & other materials... learn a skill from our ancestors

Guns & ammo… Black powder weapons were the go-to in the Frontier days… you will learn the basics of what kept the Indians at bay & the chow on the campfire… hear the roar of a Muzzleloader & learn the techniques for survival using this common weapon of the day

Your family will have down time throughout the 2 days…

Bring some spending money... As featured on Discovery Channel's Homestead Rescue season 6... our handmade leather goods, cabin decor & youth wilderness gear is all available in our Camp Outpost store...

No dogs or other pets are allowed! Absolutely no smoking in the lodge, no drunkenness ’ or profanity is acceptable!

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Ginnese O

We are a privately owned faith based primitive campground in the Missouri Ozarks...

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$1320.00 Per Experience


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  • Primitive Era Lodge
  • All Furnishings
  • Eating, Cooking, & Cleaning Supplies
  • Bedding
  • All Firewood
  • Food & drinks



Gear List

  • Stuff to drink in a cooler
  • Shower supplies
  • Clean socks, undergarments, personals
  • Positive attitude

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Rules & Guidelines

Absolutely no pets

Absolutely no smoking in the lodge

Absolutely no drunkenness or profanity

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