DIY Farm Lease - Snook Farm

1-4 Guests


Snook Farm

111 acres, River Bottom Land, crops are always either corn or soybeans, Max Hunters is 4.

DIY Lease Your Own Farm By The Week or Year

All Farms are 100% DIY (Do It Yourself)

We have had these farms for years and I assure you there are trophy-class animals on these properties. In order to insure these farms are not over hunted we will only be selling leases for 6 weeks per season. once 6 weeks have been leased we will cut off leases for that year with the following exception. If you lease one of these weeks and do not tag out you will have the option to come back during late bow season at half price, only the people who leased one of these 6 weeks will be allowed to hunt during the late bow season.

Hunts will be from Monday thru Friday except for the Late ML season, which is only 4 days. You will arrive after noon on Sunday and be met by one of our guides that will show you your farm and answer any questions you may have. Saturdays will be reserved for the guides to re-bait, check cams, and do any other maintenance on the farms. The same rules of hunting will apply to these farms as our guided hunts and there will be a guide to check on you daily.

There will be no lodging or meals included on these hunts in order to give you the best prices possible. There is plenty of Lodging and food within 25 miles of these farms in Portsmouth, Ohio.

Base Lease prices are for a Bow Hunt for 1 Hunter. Make it a Gun or Muzzleloader Hunt for an additional fee, or add additional hunters for a fee per person. Max 4 Hunters

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Gun & Muzzleloader Seasons


Additional Hunters (Per Hunter)


Your Host

Scott's Trip

Scott M

Your Ohio Trophy Whitetail Destination! We get you up close and personal with some of the biggest free range trophy bucks.

from $1100/Experience

Base Price

$1100.00 Per Person Per Experience


$550.00 Per Person


$550.00 Per Item


Pay later options are only available for trips that start more than 30 days from today.

Total Payment


Please note that there is a 50% non-refundable deposit included with your booking fee. In case of cancellation, and in accordance with the Host's cancellation policy, the remaining 50% may be returned to you or applied towards rescheduling a future trip.


  • 111 Acres All to Yourself
  • DIY Hunting
  • River Bottom Land & Crop Land
  • Maintained Hunting Area



Gear List

  • Weather Appropriate Hunting Attire
  • Valid Hunting License/Tags
  • Personal Hunting Equipement
  • Lodging Arrangements

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Rules & Guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you determine stand assignments? - Stands are picked from the most recent activity in the areas and best wind directions by the guides, the best stand sites are then put into a hat, one for each hunter in camp, then the hunters will draw their stand assignments from the hat. No Favoritism Here!

  • How long do the hunters stay on that stand site? As long as the wind allows a hunter can keep their stand site as long as they wish. If they give their stand site up, it immediately becomes available to another Hunter. It is recommended to stay at least 2 days on your stand site before moving if the wind direction allows.

  • Can we bring our own stands? Yes, you may bring your stand but you will have to place it in the area that we want you to hunt in. We understand that some stands are more comfortable than others so this is why that’s allowed. If you move from your assigned area your hunt will be over, no excuses.

  • What Type of Stands do you have? We use mostly Ladder stands and Pop Up Blinds, we do have some box blinds also.

  • How far is the walk to the stands? It differs depending on the farm and stand site you are hunting, in some cases, we are able to take you all the way to the stand, at other times if the weather is bad you may have to walk farther than normal. We will get you as close as possible in all cases.

  • How do I know a deer is big enough to make your min of 130? You will Know. If you have to wonder then it’s probably not big enough. We will show you lots of trail cam pics of what’s big enough and what’s not before you start hunting.

  • How Far is your shot opportunities? In most cases, our feeders and bait piles will be between 20 and 40 yards for bow, but there will be deer seen farther than that. We do not recommend a bow or crossbow shot Farther than 50 yards.

  • What is your success Rate? The success rate has absolutely nothing to do with an outfitter, as an outfitter all we can do is get you in range of a shooter buck, the rest is up to you. We measure our success on Opportunity. We typically run 75 to 80% opportunity for a shot on a shooter buck within Range. These are 100% wild deer and we cannot guarantee success.

  • How Much Land Do you have? We currently have access to over 2000 private acres in Ohio.

  • What should I bring? All your personal items, hunting gear, as well as bed linens for a twin-size bed or sleeping bag and towels.

  • Can I get A Refund on my deposit? Typically deposits are Not Refundable or Transferrable although they may be honored at another time at the discretion of management depending on the circumstances. This is 100% at managements discretion.

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