Cow Bison Hunt/Harvest

1-5 Guests • No Lodging • Private • Guided


100% Opportunity One-Day Bison Hunt / Harvest Event

Cow Buffalo Hunt - Age: 3-5 years | Live Weight: 950lbs | Avg Final Meat Yield: 330lbs

All About the Hunt

Our hunts are a one-day bison hunt/harvest event. our hunters meet at the bunkhouse on the Ranch. After a quick hunt briefing, we will have the hunter check their rifle at our shooting range. Hunters should be able to consistently hit a 4 inch target at 100 yards. Once the hunter is confident that their rifle is sighted in, accurate, and they are able to hit the target representative of the aim point on a bison, the hunt will begin.

Our hunts are always 100% opportunity, and usually 100% success. Success depends upon the hunter's ability to shoot accurately. It is important that all hunters understand that compared to an elk or deer hunt, a guided bison hunt is more of a field harvest than what many would consider a true hunt. Bison are massive herd animals, that stand out easily in the native prairie grasses. Finding the bison herd by vehicle is comparatively easy, we will get the hunter within 75-150 yards. While finding the bison and getting imposition is relatively easy, the real challenge is on the hunter to make a precision one-shot kill without injuring any of the herd mates standing nearby. This is how bison hunting has always been and is no different from the challenge faced by the very first western buffalo hunters.

Buffalo are unpredictable and do sometimes charge humans and vehicles, so hunters need to stay in the vehicle for their own safety. When we are within range you will get out to shoot the animal. We urge all hunters to take a shot 2-3" behind the ear. This shot severs the spinal cord directly below the base of the skull and is the most humane shot. The shot will kill the bison instantly, prevent waste, and allow for a fast bleed.

Once the buffalo is down we move in with a bail bed truck or tractor to load the buffalo for field dressing. After the bison has been field dressed, we will load the carcass onto the hunters' truck, or we will deliver the carcass to the hunter's choice of taxidermist and processor in Great Falls, MT.

Our Philosophy

We belive in treating bison with respect, we use low-stress bison handling procedures and support the conservation, protection, and recovery of bison. We believe the demand for deliciously healthy bison meat and bison products is the key to preserving the species.

Our Commitment

We are committed to raising bison as naturally as possible. Our bison roam and feed on the same native prairie range land that their ancient ancestors roamed on, just the way nature intended, to produce flavorful and deliciously healthy meat.

Base price is per person for a single-day COW buffalo hunt.

Prime Bull, Young Bull, Mature Bull, or Trophy Bull Hunts are also available. See host profile.

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Michael's Trip

Michael B

We do two things really well, We raise top quality bison and offer amazing opportunities to hunt amazing grass-fed bison meat

from $4125/Experience

Base Price

$4125.00 Per Person Per Experience


Pay later options are only available for trips that start more than 30 days from today.

Total Payment


Please note that there is a 50% non-refundable deposit included with your booking fee. In case of cancellation, and in accordance with the Host's cancellation policy, the remaining 50% may be returned to you or applied towards rescheduling a future trip.


  • Always 100% Opportunity
  • Nearly 100% Success
  • Shots within 75-150 Yards
  • Singe Day Hunt
  • Field Dressing Included
  • Skinning and Quartering Available for and Additional Fee
  • No License Required for these Hunts



Gear List

  • Weather Appropriate Hunting Attire
  • Weapon and Ammo

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Rules & Guidelines


What is field dressing?

  • Field dressing is the removal of the internal organs of hunted game to ensure rapid body heat loss, which prevents bacteria from growing on the surface of the carcass.

Is processing and taxidermy included in the hunt?

  • The cost for meat processing and taxidermy is the hunter's responsibility and is not included in the cost of the hunt. 406 Processing usually holds processing slots for our buffalo beginning January 3 - September 15th. September 15 - January 2nd they only process wild game. Hunter is responsible for scheduling and working directly with taxidermists and processors for custom cutting and packaging of their meat. If the hunter prefers to use a different processor, we may be available to assist with transporting the carcass at an additional transportation fee of $2/mile.

Can I have the animal skinned, quartered, or caped?

  • Field dressing is included with the price of the hunt. We may be able to assist hunters who would like to have with carcass skinned, quartered or caped, for an additional fee.
  • We do not cape for a shoulder mount.

Where do the hunts take place?

  • Most hunts take place at our ranch outside of Vaughn, MT
  • We also work with a number of other buffalo ranches in Montana and schedule day hunts at these locations.

When is the best time to book a hunt?

  • Although there is no specific hunting season, most hunts are scheduled from early November to early February. The nest hides are taken from November to late January when bison have the thickest winter hair. Bison gain a lot of weight during spring and early summer, if a winter hide is not important to you, this can be a very good time to harvest a bison with more fat than they will have in the winter.

What is the best gun to use?

  • Owing to the incredible strength, size, and thickness of the hide, we do not allow handguns. We recommend using 30 caliber or larger with a minimum bullet weight of 150 grams. We do allow archery tackle with a rifle back up.

Do I need a hunting license?

  • No Montana Hunting License or Hunter Education is required for these bison hunts. In Montana, buffalo that are privately owned and on private property are categorized as livestock.

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