Carp, Walleye, Perch Fishing Trip | Half-Day

1-3 Guests


You mean, there's other fish to catch than trout in Montana? You bet there is! While flyfishing for trout is certainly our focus as a guide service and the most popular form of angling here, there are many other ways to find fun fishing in Montana.


We first started intentionally fishing for carp about 15 years ago when a sustained drought regularly made our rivers too warm for trout to be happy in the late summer, but the hot water seemed to make these funny looking fish super spunky. What we found after some further research was that carp are abundant in certain waters of our state, they are fun and challenging to catch on a flyrod (arguably much more challenging than trout!), and they get really big; 5 to 15 pounds on average and up to 30+.

The best part of fishing for carp is that it's the closest we can get to saltwater flats fishing here in Montana. We sight fish for them, both wading and from boats, and often find them tailing just like a bonefish as they root on the bottom for crayfish and other tasty morsels. It takes a good presentation to fool a big carp, and it's a fun game to try if you haven't before. We also catch them on dryflies regularly, usually mayflies and grasshoppers.

Now don't get us wrong here, carp aren't going to replace trout as the Montana state fish or anything, but we think if you're into trying new things and enjoy the sight and stalk game that you should give this a try on your next Montana trip. It's a great way to tune up for your next saltwater flats excursion, that's for sure. It's what the locals are getting into, what many guides do with their days off, and has spawned at least one local tournament already.


If spin fishing is your game, and you like to fill the cooler with fillets to take home for dinner, then a lake trip to focus on walleyes is what you want. Helena has three large reservoirs that boast some of the best walleye and perch fishing in the West; Holter, Hauser and Canyon Ferry. We have guides that specialize in this approach and can provide all the gear necessary to jig the day away - great for kids and folks who think fly fishing is a bit too tricky.

Pricing includes a Half Day (4 Hr) trip for one angler. Add extra anglers for an additional fee when booking.

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We are a specialized, stand alone Montana fly fishing guide service based in Helena, Montana. Our business was founded on the banks of the Missouri River with one goal in mind; providing the best experience possible for anglers seeking a Montana fly fishing trip.

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$495.00 Per Experience


$27.50 Per Day


$137.50 Per Day


Pay later options are only available for trips that start more than 30 days from today.

Total Payment


Please note that there is a 50% non-refundable deposit included with your booking fee. In case of cancellation, and in accordance with the Host's cancellation policy, the remaining 50% may be returned to you or applied towards rescheduling a future trip.


  • Personal Fishing Guide
  • Light Snack
  • Beverages
  • Transportation
  • Fishing Equipment, If Needed
  • Flies, Leaders, Tippets and Additional Tackle



Gear List

  • Montana Fishing License
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Guide Gratuities
  • Private Water Rod Fees

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Rules & Guidelines


  • personal fishing guide service for roughly 8 hours minimum (full day) or 4 hours minimum (half day)
  • a hearty, filling lunch made fresh each morning (full day), or a light snack (half day)
  • non-alcoholic beverages, water, soda, etc.
  • transportation from your lodging to the river and back
  • fly rods and reels if needed, any other necessary tackle
  • flies, leaders, tippets, and additional terminal tackle


  • Montana Fishing License - which is required to fish in Montana. Non-resident licenses are $50 for 2 days, $81 for 10 days, and $111 for a season (these prices include the $10 conservation license and and $15 aquatic invasive species pass). They can be purchased easily on line HERE.
  • Alcoholic beverages - it is simply BYOB.
  • Guide gratuities - tips are customary in the fishing guide business, and we appreciate them. Tips should be earned, not necessarily expected, and reflect the level of service you have been given as the angler. As a general rule of thumb you can follow the same guidelines as restaurant tipping.
  • Private water rod fees - sometimes we will fish water that has limited access and we have to pay to play. You will be given advance notice of this and we will discuss the fee before venturing out. Rod fees range from $50 to $150 per person per day depending on the water we fish.
  • Waders - we try to carry a spare pair to loan for the day, but waders are size specific so bringing your own or spending the few bucks to rent a pair from a local flyshop is often the best choice. It's easier to stay dry than get dry!


Weather can change by the half-hour in Montana, so come prepared for everything. Bring sunscreen and your raincoat no matter when you come. We have had snow in August and sunburns in November. Typical temperatures range from the 30's to 60's in April through June and September through November and 60's to 80's in July through August. The best advice we have is to check the forecast before you are coming and plan accordingly. We think the best way to beat the weather is with a good attitude while wearing the right gear. We've had some of our best fishing in the nastiest weather, and we've had some of our worst fishing in the even more nastiest weather!


Polarized glasses are a must! As for clothing, think in layers. We have large temperature swings in montana, so it is always nice to be able to add or remover a layer when the temperature dictates. Fleece, polypro long underwear, and a raincoat are all essentials. A wide-brimmed hat is also important for sun protection and glare reduction.

Early and late season days can be cold, so breathable waders are essential, and in some instances neoprene can sure be nice. They can be either boot-foot or used with felt-soled wading boots. In the summer 80 and 90 degrees days are common and we are typically in the driftboat or raft most of the day, so waders are hot and uncomfortable. Therefore, we 'wet wade' in shorts or pants. Many manufactures make light-weight quick drying pants that are great for sun protection and dry quickly.

Check the forecast before you travel and prepare according - you might have to pack flipflops and t-shirts or ski hats and gloves, it just depends on the season and current conditions.


For driftboat and raft fishing we recommend a 5 weight or 6 weight, 9' long flyrod. In the fall we might also suggest a 7 weight for casting weighted streamers. For our secret creeks and spring creeks, you might want to bring that 3 weight you've been dying to cast. For fly lines, weight forward floating lines are the norm. Sinking lines are sometimes nice to have if we are fishing streamers, but not essential. Be sure to have plenty of backing on your reel!


Our all inclusive guided trips mean we provide the flies and tackle you will need for a successful day on the water. If you want to bring your own rods that is great, and your own flies even better, but your guide will be prepared for you to show up with no fishing gear.

If any other fly fishing gear is needed before getting out onto the water, we have many fine local flyshops that can take care of your needs. Waders often fall into this category as they are size specific and you want them to fit right, so renting a pair for your trip is often the best way to go.

A Montana fishing license is required by law on any water we may fish, and are available for purchase at our local flyshops, sporting goods stores and online. Montana fishing licenses are generally very affordable compared to other states, and license dollars go directly to Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks to help manage our fisheries.

Purchase your fishing license here:


Because we are typically fishing the same rivers at the same time year-after-year, we are dialed in on all the worthy lodging options in the locations we fish. Options run the entire spectrum from the budget minded motel to the high-end hosted lodge. We are happy to make reservations and arrangements for you, but you are always free to make your own lodging plans as well. Either way, we will be ready to pick you up at your accommodations and hit the river for a great day of Montana-style fly fishing.

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