Black Bear Hunting Canada

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Black Bear Hunting

We are one of BC’s best bear-hunting destinations. We have incredible numbers of huge bears, both black and color phase. Our adult bears will run from the 6 to 7-foot range, with some giants reaching 8 feet and skulls going over 21 inches! The hides are typically thick and heavy, and the spring claws can be long enough to mistake them as a Grizzly’s.

We offer both spring and fall hunts, and they can be hunted as a single species or as part of a combination hunt. Our spring hunt has historically boasted a harvest rate of 100%, we know bears like no other outfit.

The method of hunting our bears is spot & stalk, and we have a two-bear limit. Hunting with an experienced guide will ensure that only the best of the best is considered. Clients can expect to look over 6-10 bears daily.

These hunts are great adult/youth hunts; our accomplished guides will ensure proper judging and the safety of the hunt.

Come and witness why we are known as Bear Country

Black Bear Facts

  • About ¼ of all the Black bears in Canada are found in British Columbia, 120,000 – 160,000.

  • Typically, after the winter, bear sightings increase in May.

  • The bear breeding season, or rut, runs from the end of May into June.

  • A male bear may have a home range averaging about 25 -50sq miles.

  • Bears are omnivores and will eat anything.

  • Bears are not the only black in color, there are also many variations of brown and even blonde.

  • Hunting seasons occur both in spring and fall.

  • Spring bears typically have heavier pelts and longer claws than the same bear in the fall.

  • There is no baiting of bears in BC.

  • It is not uncommon to see 10+ bears a day.

  • Finding a bear is relatively easy, but finding the right bear can be a challenge.

  • A good bear will have a skull 18+-inch skull and go 6-7+ feet nose to tail.

  • Spot and stalk hunting works very well in our terrain.

  • Bear’s eyes are not good but their noses are unfailing……watch the wind!

  • With the right setup, calling can produce big bears.

  • Bear hunting is usually best in the late afternoon or evening.

  • Come prepared to deal with mosquitos and black flies.

Getting Here

You can drive yourself to camp we are about 12 hours north of the Washington State border. Get on Hwy 97 north, you will either meet us in Quesnel (1 hour south of Prince George) or Vanderhoof (1 hour west of Prince George). Plan to arrive in camp a day before your hunt starts. We will share additional directions as needed.

If you choose to fly in, you will fly into Prince George (XYS). West Jet and AirCanada from Vancouver to Prince George flights are available 6 flights per day. We will meet you and pick you up from the airport the day before your hunt starts and plan to fly out the day after your last day of hunting. We suggest flying in a day early and booking accommodations with the Prestige Hotels and Resorts from there, we will arrange your pick-up and delivery.

Hunting Gear List

A good hunter is a prepared hunter. In order to give you the best and most comfortable overall experience, we ask that you bring the items listed below. If there is an issue bringing any of the dry goods and hardware listed please let us know in advance and we will be happy to make other arrangements for you if possible. My grandpa always used to say ‘check the list twice, and go out the front door once!’

Base price is per person for a 2x1 Guided 5-Day Hunt. Make it a 1x1 guided hunt and add non-hunters for additional fees.

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1x1 Guided Hunt


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from $4950/Experience

Base Price

$4950.00 Per Person Per Experience


$1595.00 Per Person


$264.00 Per Day Per Item


Pay later options are only available for trips that start more than 30 days from today.

Total Payment


Please note that there is a 50% non-refundable deposit included with your booking fee. In case of cancellation, and in accordance with the Host's cancellation policy, the remaining 50% may be returned to you or applied towards rescheduling a future trip.


  • Experienced Local Guides with 50+ Years Experience
  • See 10+ Bears a Day!
  • 100% Fair Chase
  • Tailor Your Hunt to Fit your Abilities
  • Exclusive Hunting Territories in Central BC
  • Within Driving Distance of US-Bring your Meat Home
  • Limited Hunts - Highest Quality Trophy Animals
  • Comfortable Lodge and Accommodations
  • Great Food
  • Prime Big Game Country
  • Guaranteed Tags
  • Rut Hunts
  • World Class Fishing
  • Guiding with Integrity



Gear List

  • Firearm & 40 Rounds of Ammo
  • 1 pair camp shoes
  • 5 pair wool Socks, 5 pair standard socks,
  • 5 pair underwear & 2 pair long underwear

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Rules & Guidelines


An honest hunting experience – While hunting with us you can expect that we will always act with you and your experience in mind. We will offer our best efforts to ensure your hunt is a complete success. This is fair chase hunting, not simply shooting, but we understand that your success comes first and then ours follows……..we are not in this to fail:) We book our hunts with the expectation of 100% success on each and every hunt, we do not overbook. Do not expect perfection, now and again the unforeseen will happen and we will always do our very best in every situation. We are not meat cutters or taxidermists but we will help you with your tagged animal, this is something we do to help you but it is not a listed service that we are responsible for.

Professional outfit, comfortable camps, good food, and great people.

A good representative of the species – Our hunting areas have proven over the years to produce record book big game animals, but not on every hunt. We work our hardest to find you the very best representative of the species we have to offer.

British Columbia weather – The weather can play a large factor in the hunt, and BC weather can come and go overnight. We know the critters and how they are affected by changing weather and will continue to do our best even on the worst days.

Memories – At the end of it all, it is all about the memories. With BCO you will always leave with memories that will last a lifetime. We are not simply the typical outfit found anywhere in BC, we are unique and enjoy making memories with the clients we soon call friends.


Come prepared – When you show up to hunt, coming in prepared is important to the overall success of your trip. Mentally, physically, and geared up to hunt hard. Having the right mental attitude and proper gear will help keep you in the game. If you have taken some time to shoot your rifle while at home when you get out here, you’ll be ready to make that 250-yard shot when it counts most (most of our shots will be under 300 yards).

Trust in your guide – Our guides are knowledgeable and friendly, they are there because of their passion for guiding and to help ensure your trip is a complete success. Our guides get almost as much pleasure in your success as you do, they will try to make the right decisions and work with you to ensure a great outcome. Your guided hunt is a team effort

Tip the team – The entire team works very hard. A typical tip runs 10%-15% of the total hunt cost. If there is some reason why you feel a tip is not deserved, then that is something the outfit management should review and resolve.

Relax and have fun – Although finding your animal is our number one priority, our hopes are that your experience with us outweighs the kill. Enjoy your moments with us, we are all here for our love of fair chase hunting.

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