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1-6 Guests • No Lodging • Private • Self-Guided/DIY



Per Day - 6 Person Max

We strive to ensure our hunters receive the best duck hunting experience that North East Arkansas has to offer. We hunt on over 22,000 acres of flooded rice, beans, milo, millet, flooded timber, cypress sloughs, and willow bottoms. We have over 30 pit blinds in flooded agricultural fields that we hunt on a rotation. There will be at least 3-5 rest days between hunt groups to ensure the best opportunity at providing top quality self-guided duck and goose hunting opportunities. The farms we own and lease hold huge numbers of waterfowl. We are uniquely situated between several well-known WMA's and refuges that winter millions of waterfowl during the winter. North East Arkansas has quickly become a mecca for some of the best duck hunting in the country and we are sitting at “GROUND ZERO”!

We offer a family-friendly environment for you to enjoy duck hunting at its finest. We are just 25 minutes north of Memphis, TN in Crittenden County Arkansas and have pit blinds available for lease from Big Lake refuge down to Marion, AR over to Jonesboro, Newport & Augusta, AR.

Endorsed by and Ultimate Waterfowl Hunting we are here to make sure your Arkansas duck hunting experience is something you will never forget!


This is a NON-GUIDED daily self-guided pit lease.

You will meet one of our guides the afternoon before the morning of your hunt at a predetermined location near the hunting grounds. All hunters in your group will be required to sign a release of liability waiver prior to hunting. Your guide will escort you to the hunting pit or drop you a Google Maps pin so you can go out the afternoon before to scout it out.

Decoys will not be provided. We recommend bringing anywhere from 50 to 150 decoys for your spread. You are welcome to leave decoys out overnight in your field however we are not responsible for any equipment or decoys left in the fields overnight.

We also recommend bringing an ATV or side-by-side to get to and from the pits. The pit will be yours only for the # of days you have it leased.

These are 16 foot 6 man pits with either roll-top lids or flip-top lids and a dog box. 6 person max. If you have more than 6 people in your group, contact Mike (the Host) to talk about other options or larger pits for your group.

Fields will be flooded in 3″ up to 15″ of water depending on location. We cannot control weather conditions and at times prolonged subfreezing temperatures will cause the flooded fields to ice over. You are welcome to break ice, run ice eaters or mallard machines to keep a hole open or hunt full body decoys over the ice. We do not offer refunds due to subfreezing weather conditions.

Our pits that we lease kill 400-600 birds on average per year. These are proven killing holes with a lot of success. Depending on crop rotation, the fields will be in flooded rice, beans, milo or millet. We do not allow hunting after 3 PM CDT on any of our farms.

We do not allow hunting after 3 PM CDT on any of our farms. However, if weather conditions make it unsafe for a morning hunt, we may allow you to hunt the afternoon until sunset. You must request permission before hunting after 3 PM CDT. Many of our farms are roosting holes and will roost anywhere from 5K to 10K birds every evening. We do this to ensure quality shooting throughout the season.

We hunt our fields on a rotation. When you arrive your field will have had at least 3-4 days or more rest. As any knowledgeable duck hunter knows, if you shoot the roost in the evening, the birds that are using your farm will leave and NOT come back! All shooting must end by 3 PM CDT unless prior approval was grated due to unsafe hunting conditions.

You are welcome to bring your retrieving dog and any Motion Decoys you would like. Most of our pits are within a 300-800 yard walk from a gravel road. An ATV is not necessary, however we do recommend bringing an ATV or side-by-side to get back and forth from the pit to your truck. Please note that we strictly enforce a 10 mph speed limit on the levy roads throughout our farms.

Price is per day for up to 6 people. Minimum of 2 days to book.

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Your Host

Mike's Trip

Mike D

I am 46 years old, married and have 3 beautiful daughters. I have been hunting waterfowl since the age of 14 and guiding for the last 27 years. I have chased waterfowl from Manitoba Canada to Venice, LA up and down the Mississippi Flyway. I now do all of my hunting in North East AR because THIS IS WHERE THE DUCKS ARE! I hunt everyday of the AR Waterfowl season and hunt like “EVERYDAY IS OPENING DAY!” I am extremely passionate about duck hunting and enjoy sharing my passion with others. With 3 daughters, I am a big advocate for getting kids and women involved in our hunting tradition. I will do what it takes to make sure you have the best hunting experience of your life.

from $759/Day

Base Price

$759.00 Per Day


Pay later options are only available for trips that start more than 30 days from today.

Total Payment


Please note that there is a 50% non-refundable deposit included with your booking fee. In case of cancellation, and in accordance with the Host's cancellation policy, the remaining 50% may be returned to you or applied towards rescheduling a future trip.




    Gear List

    • Decoys (can include motion)
    • Hunting License / Drivers License
    • AR and Federal Duck Stamps
    • Hunting Gear

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    Rules & Guidelines

    License and Duck Stamps

    Arkansas guided duck hunt prices DO NOT include AR license, AR duck stamp or federal duck stamp. You are required to purchase your own license, stamps, gun, and shotgun shells.


    All hunters in your group will be required to sign a release of liability waiver prior to hunting.


    Please note, there is a 50% non-refundable deposit included with your booking fee, this is required to reserve dates for your group. If you have paid in full and you need to cancel your reservation you will be refunded minus the 50% non-refundable deposit.

    Let me know if you need to cancel or reschedule and we can work out the details.

    We do not offer refunds due to subfreezing or inclement weather conditions.


    You are welcome to bring your own hunting dog.

    Can I mix week day and weekend days?

    Yes. You do not have have to book just weekdays or just weekend dates. We have a 2 person 2 day minimum on all guided hunts. Availability is determined at the time of booking. Availability changes daily, so contact us to check availability.

    What is your refund policy?

    The 50% deposit is non-refundable. However in certain circumstances such as death in the family, medical emergency or extreme weather conditions preventing your travel, we will work with you on rescheduling for later in the season or rolling your deposit over to next season. A 30 day notice is required to adjust your dates due to emergency.

    What type of properties do you hunt?

    We hunt a wide variety of properties types such as flooded timber, cypress lakes, willow bottoms, sloughs and flooded agricultural fields. We base our next days hunt on weather conditions, scouting and bird activity. We go where we have the best opportunity to kill our limits. However, if your group prefers to hunt flooded timber only, we can accommodate that but we do recommend taking your guides advice. We want you to be successful and enjoy your time here!

    What is Check-in & Check-out times at the lodge?

    When booking an All Inclusive hunt check-in time at the lodge is between 6 PM - 10 PM CDT. Our guides and crews go to bed early each night. We are up most mornings at 3 AM. So arriving late at night or early morning to check in to the lodge is not available. We get very little sleep during waterfowl season, and staying up to meet you at midnight for check-in is not an option for us. So please respect our check-in times as we do need to get some sleep. Check out time is 2 PM CDT last day of the hunt. Please do not arrive early as we have cleaning crews getting the lodge ready for your arrival. If you arrive early, you will be asked to leave and come back at the proper time.

    Do I need to purchase my license and stamps?

    YES, you are required to purchase your AR Small Game License, AR Waterfowl Stamp, Federal Duck Stamp and HIP registration prior to your hunt. You are responsible for purchasing all required licenses and stamps prior to your hunt. For more information about what license and stamps to purchase please visit our Arkansas Season Info page.

    Do you do any party mixing on Guided Hunts?

    Yes and No. During the main waterfowl season, if you book 4 or more hunters in your group, you will NOT be paired with anyone else for the duck hunt. If you book less than 4 hunters in your group then we may pair with with another small group or single hunter to reach that 4 person minimum. If you do not want to be combined with anybody else for the duck hunt, then you must have at least 4. For afternoon goose hunts we may combine you with other groups because we hunt in larger groups for geese. During conservation goose season we hunt in larger groups of 8-12 hunters because of the huge decoy spreads required to hunt snow geese.

    Can I bring my own dog?

    Yes. If you are doing a self guided hunt, we highly recommend you bring your own dog. If you are doing a guided hunt and you have booked 4 or more hunters in your group you are welcome to bring your own dog. If you are staying at one of the Lodges, you are allowed to bring 1 hunting retriever per hunt party of 4. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate multiple dogs in a single hunt group and we cannot accommodate house pets. You will need to bring a travel kennel. Clients hunting retrievers are NOT allowed inside the lodge living quarters, but we will have assigned areas in garages or mudrooms for your travel kennels.

    What is the minimum and maximum # of hunters I can have in my group?

    For all guided hunts there is a 2 person 2 day minimum and a 16 person maximum. On self guided hunts there is a 2 day minimum with a 6 person maximum in your group. If you want to reserve a self guided hunt for more than 6 hunters, please call us at 855-932-7299 to discuss options.

    Do you offer any afternoon hunting options?

    We do not guide afternoon duck hunts because many of our spots are roosting holes, and we never shoot the roost. We allow ducks to come back and roost in the evenings without disturbing them. However, if extreme weather conditions prevent a safe hunt in the morning, we will plan to hunt mid-day until sunset. We do offer 2 optional add-on hunts for the afternoon. You can book an add-on Speckle Belly goose hunt or an afternoon upland bird hunt on a private game reserve for Pheasants, Quail and Chukar. Space is limited so you must reserve those afternoon goose or upland bird hunts ahead of time.

    What is there to do in the afternoons?

    You are welcome to hang out at the lodge and enjoy some skeet shooting, playing pool or darts or check out some local duck hunting stores. We do offer optional add-on hunts for those hunters who reserve it ahead of time.

    Do you offer Corporate Packages?

    Yes, we do offer corporate and small business packages. Please call us at 855-932-7299 to discuss corporate hunt options and to customize the hunt for your group. We can create custom options such as morning waterfowl with afternoon upland bird on a private game reserve, or afternoon goose hunt. We can even customize a meals menu for your corporate group and organize a sheet shooting competition. If you book 10 or more hunters for the All Inclusive hunt and reserve the dates prior to anyone else booking those dates, then the entire lodge can be reserved for just your group.

    Do I need a Hunter Education Card?

    Anyone born after 1968 must complete a hunter education course and carry a valid hunter education card to hunt in Arkansas. Children under 16 may hunt without hunter education as long as they are under the direct supervision of an adult who is 21 years old. There is no specific age requirement to enroll in hunter education. However, the educational material is based on a sixth-grade reading level. Arkansas recognizes hunter education cards from other states. Arkansas’s hunter education program is recognized in all states, as well as in Canada and Mexico. More info on Arkansas Hunter Education Requirements. However Arkansas does allow for a one time Hunter Education Deferment. The Deferred Hunter Education Code is a one-year permit that allows a person without hunter-education certification to legally hunt. A hunter may apply for a Deferred Hunter Education Code online if they meet the requirements.

    What Shot Size do I Need?

    We hunt a wide variety of property types. So, depending on the hunting situation, this is what we recommend. When hunting wide open areas such as flooded agricultural fields or large impoundments, we recommend #2 shot. When hunting tight areas such as flooded timber or sloughs we recommend #3 shot. When hunting afternoon goose hunts or snow geese during conservation goose season, we recommend BB shot. If you have to choose one all round shot size that is capable of doing the job in all scenarios, then we would recommend using #2 shot. #2 shot can be used in all situations but using the above mentioned recommendations is going to give you the best performance.

    What Kind of Chokes Should I Bring?

    It is all about patterning. Determine what choke patterns the best in your shotgun and that should be your preferred choke. The below recommendations are generalized and based off of our years of experience and the shotguns we use on a day to day basis. When hunting wide open spaces such as flooded agricultural fields or large impoundments, we recommend a modified or full choke. If you use a full choke it must be rated for steel shot. When hunting flooded timber or sloughs we recommend a modified choke. When hunting geese during the afternoon goose hunts or during conservation goose season we recommend either a modified or full choke. Again, make sure your full choke is rated for steel shot. If you plan on doing any skeet shooting at the lodge, also bring your cylinder or improved cylinder chokes. The best all round choke if you do not have multiple chokes is the modified choke. And remember, choke size does not matter if you gun pattern's like crap!

    How Much Do I Need to Tip my Guide?

    We never tell anybody how much they should or should not tip their guide. We have hunters from all over the country from all walks of life. What is appropriate for 1 group may not be appropriate for another. Remember, your guides are not earning a living wage guiding. They earn the majority of their income during the winter months by earning your tips. Their goal is to make your hunt as enjoyable and successful as possible. If you feel your guide did just that, then you should tip them accordingly. We are asked all the time, "What is the average tip so we have a gauge of how to tip?". The average tip is about $50 per hunter per day. Some tip more, some tip less however by the end of the season, this is what it averages out to be. So if your guide or guides worked their butts off for you and you had a great time, tip them accordingly.

    Do I Really Need to Bring my Waders?

    In short the answer is YES, YES & YES. During the main waterfowl season, we may not always have to wear waders, but having your waders will give you the most flexibility in being able to hunt where the ducks want to be. Although we have many blinds that are accessible without the need for waders, if the birds are not wanting to work in that area, we will not be able to move to a slough bottom or shallow cypress lake or flooded timber hole if you do not have your waders. We recommend bringing insulated chest waders and a pair of insulated knee high rubber boots if you want the ability to move and hunt where the ducks want to be. Hip waders are OK but not advisable because one wrong step and you may have a wet ass for the rest of the day. The exception is during conservation goose season. At a minimum you will want to bring knee high rubber boots and waterproof insulated bibs during conservation goose season.

    What If I Have Dietary Restrictions or Allergies?

    If you have strict dietary restrictions or allergies to common food items such as dairy, eggs, meat, nuts, wheat, gluten, etc. we do NOT recommend booking an All Inclusive hunt as many of the food items we serve may include these items. We recommend booking a guided hunt only to ensure your dietary needs and or allergies are taken care of. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee our meals will not include at least some of the above items. Also, if you are allergic to dogs/pet dander we also recommend booking a guided hunt only.

    Can I Add an Afternoon Goose or Upland Bird Hunt When I Arrive?

    No. We need enough lead time to plan for your afternoon hunt. If you have not reserved an afternoon hunt for your group ahead of time, we will not be able to add on the afternoon hunt after you arrive. Afternoon hunts are limited and should be reserved at the time of booking. This allows us to plan and have areas scouted prior to your hunt.

    Can We Hunt a Different Spot Every Day on Self-Guided Hunts?

    No. We do not allow blind hopping or hole jumping every day. When you book either a 2 or 3 day self guided hunt, you will hunt the same spot for those 2 or 3 days. If you book 4 or more days, then you will hunt 1 spot for 2 days and another spot for 2 days but you will not be able to change blinds everyday. If you want the ability to change spots daily we recommend booking a guided hunt.

    Are you taking any Covid-19 Precautions?

    Yes. Since the onset of Covid-19 we have taken extra precautions to ensure our customers have a safe and successful hunt. For more information about what precautions we are taking please visit our Covid-19 Preparedness page.

    Do you offer any discounts?

    Yes, we do offer a 10% discount for all women and children under the age of 16. We also offer all active, retired, and reserve military a 10% discount. Thank you for your service! Discounts are based on a per person basis and does not apply to the entire group unless the entire group qualifies for the discount. Discounts only apply to guided hunts. Does not include self guided hunts. Please notify us about your discount prior to booking because we cannot modify your reservation when you arrive.

    Do you have any non-hunter options?

    Yes and no. We do not have a special non-hunter rate. The rate is the same for both hunters and non-hunters. If you have someone in your group that does not want to hunt but wants to come and enjoy the trip and go along on the hunt but not shoot, that is fine. However, the rate is the same for both hunters and non-hunters.

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