All Inclusive Fishing in British Columbia

1-4 Guests • Cabin • Private • Guided



Ft Grahame is situated in the Rocky Mountain Trench, in Northern British Columbia, Canada. It sits on the Davis bay of Williston lake which is the largest lake in B.C. Ft Grahame historically was a trading post for both the Hudson’s Bay, and Northwest trading companies. At Ft. Grahame we have own 5,000-foot airstrip, where aircraft as large as Beechcraft 1900’s regularly land. Recently we have built 7 new log buildings which include rustic, and fully modern cabins.

Williston lake and its many tributaries are excellent habitat for the large bull trout of the area, which is why they occur in such large numbers. These bull trout are voracious feeders by nature and migrate up the tributaries in search of resident rainbow trout, and kokanee. Rivers are not the only way to angle with us.

We are located near several isolated high alpine lakes that are full of native rainbow trout. These high alpine lakes can be accessed by horse or foot, as well as

amphibious aircraft and helicopters. Being considered one of the final frontiers of British Columbia there is a large number of rivers, and tributaries surrounding Williston Lake, that experience low amounts of angler pressure. The result of these low stress environments has led to healthy, plentiful and aggressive fish populations. It is not uncommon to catch 20 to 30 bull trout that range from 10 to 20 pounds using our hand tied flies in a day. We do cater to all types of anglers, as we have a fully equipped quiver of spin casting rods and tackle, alongside our fly-fishing expertise. The Rocky Mountains provide. Some of the most scenic days fishing where we can offer anglers of all types and experience levels the opportunity to fish some of the world’s best bull trout waters.

Base Price is for 2+ anglers per person, per day. If single angler please select option on price list.

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We will do whatever we can to ensure that you have the experience of a life time. If you are interested in hunting some of the most spectacular country in northern British Columbia or would like to try fishing pristine waters that produce voracious trout up to 25 pounds then please do not hesitate to contact us. We don’t bite, we leave the biting to what we are hunting.

from $660/Day

You can also pay a 50% deposit now and a final payment before your trip.



Base Price

$660.00 Per Person Per Day


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Please note that there is a 50% non-refundable deposit included with your booking fee. In case of cancellation, and in accordance with the Host's cancellation policy, the remaining 50% may be returned to you or applied towards rescheduling a future trip.


  • Experienced Local Guide
  • Travel by Truck, Boat, or Horse
  • Meals & Accommodations



Gear List

  • Quality Rain Gear
  • Rubber Boots
  • Waders if fly fishing - optional for spin casting
  • Insect Repellent

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Rules & Guidelines

Please note, there is a 50% nonrefundable deposit included with your payment when booking.

Included in the cost is meals, guide, accommodations, and world class fishing 

Bringing your own aircraft is encouraged - Please inquire regarding charter services

Spinning Gear:

Spinning Rod 6 1/2 foot with medium action power

Quality Spinning reel that will hold 100yd. 20lb line-130 yd 12lb. 160 yd 8lb. line

Lots of swivels for lure attachment to line-Heavier for bull trout - lighter for rainbows

Bull Trout Lures should be 3/4oz. to 1 1/2oz. in size

In Len Thompson #3 to #4 - Colors should be Red & White - Gold & Red - Blue & Silver - Yellow 5 of Diamonds - Bronze & Silver - Gold & Orange

Little Cleo Lure in Bronze & Red Color works very well - Most colors will work.

For a 4 day trip you should bring 40-50 lures

Rainbow Trout Lures should be Mepps or Panther Martin Spinner #1, #2, or #3. Colors should be silver, Gold, Black Fury.

Super Duper Lure #503, #506 seems to work the best in mountain lakes, Red & Gold in color - Other small trout lures will work.

For a 4 day trip you should bring 20-30 lures. All fishing is done with single, barbless hooks

Fly Fishing Gear:

Fly Rods 8-9 foot 5wt.-7wt.

Double Taper Floating fly lines & sinking line is optional

Leader in 12lb range for Bull Trout

Leaders 6lb to 8lb for Rainbow Trout

Bull Trout will take very large weighted streamer flies. The like the Bull River Trout fly. Colors should be green, orange, yellow, purple, blue, black, white, or red and crystal flash in the fly seems to help.

Rainbow Trout will take different types of streamers and dry flies in various colors and sizes

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