3+ Day Guided Snow Goose Hunt

1-10 Guests • No Lodging • Private • Guided


What to Expect

When you arrive in the area you will meet up with the owner Mick. There will be a brief meeting with your hunting party about safety, rules and regulations, and other expectations of the hunt.

Each hunter will be required to sign that they will follow all hunting regulations, safety procedures outlined by their guide, and any other requests of the outfitter. At that point, we will make plans to meet in the morning and head to the field!

Almost all of our spring snow goose hunting take place in corn stubble fields or pasture ponds. Your snow goose hunting guide will take you to the field where decoys and blinds will already be set and ready to jump in and hunt. We will have an ATV to transport you and your equipment out to the spread. You can expect to hunt from a decoy spread of 500 to 1,500 decoys with a combination of socks and full-body snow goose decoys.

Once in the spread, there will be another brief conversation about shooting zones and safety in the field. Your guide will be calling the shots and expect that you only shoot when told to do so and maintain your safety zones at all time. This is important as your guide will be very skilled at identifying all birds coming into the spread and calling the shot is important to ensure only targeted light geese are harvested. You will not be expected to do any work setting decoys, stubbling blinds, or adjusting decoys as this will be done by your guide for you.

Our spring snow goose hunting guide will take a 2-hour lunch midday to eat, and maybe take a quick nap. You will have the option of taking a midday break or staying in the field by yourself. This break is necessary for our guides due to the long hours of the spring snow goose season, and the numerous times we have to move large amounts of decoys and blinds in the middle of the night to have everything ready for the next days hunt.

After lunch, your guide will return and the hunt will continue until ½ hour after sunset when guns must be unloaded. Your guide will then get the ATV to transport you and your equipment back to your vehicle.

Join us today for the opportunity to experience what could be the guided snow goose hunting experience of a lifetime.

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Your Host

Mick's Trip

Mick H

We've been decoying snow geese for 20+ years!! Our knowledge gained over the last couple of decades allows us to use the weather, the calendar, and our connections to predict migration patterns and timing that makes us a premier snow goose outfitter.

from $385/Day

Base Price

$385.00 Per Person Per Day


Pay later options are only available for trips that start more than 30 days from today.

Total Payment


Please note that there is a 50% non-refundable deposit included with your booking fee. In case of cancellation, and in accordance with the Host's cancellation policy, the remaining 50% may be returned to you or applied towards rescheduling a future trip.


  • Fully Guided
  • ATV Transport to spread
  • Large Decoy Spreads
  • 16 and under hunt free with paid adult
  • 10% discount for veterans and first responders
  • 30% discount for active duty military



Gear List

  • Weather Appropriate Hunting Gear
  • Shotgun
  • Non Toxic Shotgun Shells (2-4 boxes a day)
  • Waders Suggested

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Rules & Guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

Weather can vary widely throughout the spring, so bring a range of layers. Camouflage or drab colored clothes are recommended but not always necessary as we have blinds that will cover our hunters and white coats to wear on your upper half. Wet conditions often occur during the spring so waterproof boots are a must and waterproof/water resistant pants are recommended.

What shells should I use?

Non-toxic shot is required. We recommend steel shot 2's, 1's, or BB's. If shooting higher end bismuth or tungsten 4's or 2's work well.

Can I bring my dog?

That depends. If your group is the only group in the field you can bring your dog; however, if we see even one instance of in-obedience that affects the hunt or poses a potential safety concern then you will be required to immediately remove the dog from the field.  

If there is more than one hunting party in the field then we will not allow your dog to participate in the hunt unless everyone in the field agrees with it and again any instances of in-obedience will require the dog to be taken out of the field.

Is lodging available?

We do not have our own lodging but all across eastern South Dakota there are hotels/motels available. We will keep in close contact to help you find the best option available in the area we will be hunting.

Please note, there is a 50% nonrefundable deposit included with your payment when booking. In case of cancellation, please contact me directly and we can work out the details.

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