10-Day Combo Hunt (Any 2 - Moose, Caribou or Goat)

1-2 Guests


How could you pass up a combo opportunity like this?

With our close proximity to the Yukon and several shared waterways we have both the population and great genetics for the some of the world’s biggest Canadian Moose. With an average well over 53”, and several moose over 60” each year, it’s no wonder that Cassiar is becoming “the place” to fulfill a dream moose hunt. To quote one of our hunters “I have seen more moose in the first hour of this hunt than I did in ten days of hunting in the Yukon. This is an amazing place”. Of course that’s not an everyday thing, but you should see it for yourself!

On a horseback hunt we use the horses to get up high and glass for moose or we will cover ground while hunting the edges of the timber and willow draws. Most hunters add caribou onto this hunt with great success. Without doubt we offer B.C.s best Moose/Caribou combination hunt, in the past every hunter has had a shot at one animal and most harvesting both trophies.

Without a doubt our Mountain Caribou hunt is among the best in B.C. They can be hunted as Single Species or We can add them onto most of our hunts. In September the Caribou come from miles around to rut in our area. Hunters wishing to primarily target caribou can expect to see 300+ in a normal hunt. Even as an add on to our Moose hunts most hunters see between 30 – 50+ a day. Bulls harvested during the rut average between 320-380 honest B&C points with a couple bulls close to or exceeding 400 mark each year. Most of our bulls have beautiful white manes, with white markings often running all the way back to the hip.

The success rate on our Caribou hunts is usually 100% and even as an add on to a moose hunt most hunters take both animals. Caribou are hunted by horseback and a few by Backpack for the right client; we typically ride to several vantage points each day until we find a bull that you like. In the meantime we will see lots of these amazing animals which will often come within 30 yards of our horses, making for some great photo opportunities.

Mountain goats in our region have huge bodies with most mature Billies tipping the scales at over 300 pounds.

Our average Billie is 9 ¼“ and because the mountains where these monarchs live get snowed on in July and August these goats are known for their long hair, even on early hunts. Our Mountain Goat populations are lightly hunted to ensure a great opportunity for mature animals. We are NOT selling book goats. We are selling good representatives and an unforgettable experience.

2017 we ran 100% success and scouted out some great new areas with great goat populations.

Base Price is per person for a 2 hunters x 1 guide hunt.

See additional pricing for a 1 hunter X 1 guide hunt.

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Make it a 1X1 Hunt


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Dustin's Trip

Dustin R

Dustin has been in the industry for 15+ years, starting as a guide, he then quickly created a business of leasing tags for Sheep along with other species through-out British Columbia, the Northwest Territories, Alberta, the Yukon and Mexico. With over 130 successful guided sheep and numerous others species to his name, Dustin has been able to work hard and build a reputation as a world-class guide and now Outfitter.

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You can also pay a 50% deposit now and a final payment before your trip.

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Please note that there is a 50% non-refundable deposit included with your booking fee. In case of cancellation, and in accordance with the Host's cancellation policy, the remaining 50% may be returned to you or applied towards rescheduling a future trip.


  • Seasoned Guides
  • Cozy Camp
  • All Meals
  • Horse & Tack
  • Guaranteed Tags



Gear List

  • Footwear
  • Weather Appropriate Clothing
  • Underwear
  • Packs

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Rules & Guidelines


Ethics and Fair Chase Hunting is of the utmost importance. Illegal activities can jeopardize the future of our operation, the potential confiscation of a harvested animal and ultimately the future of hunting. Your guides are aware and have been informed of the wildlife regulations and are expected to obey the laws. Please do not ask them to knowingly take part in illegal or unethical activities. If an honest mistake is made, proper steps need to be taken to correct the situation however illegal activity will not be tolerated.


Here is some information that will help prepare you for your upcoming trip.

Arrival and Departure will be from Whitehorse Yukon with daily flights from Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton and Europe. Plan on landing in Whitehorse the day before you are expected in camp, this gives you extra time incase of lost luggage or delayed flights. You will need to book a rental car and drive south 5 1/2hrs to our main camp near Boya lake provincial park (more details provided).

Once you have booked your flights please forward a copy to us via email along with your hotel info if necessary.

Once you arrive at our main camp, Dean & Katie will get you setup and help prepare for your hunt, plan on chartering into your hunting camp the following day. Weather is also the main consideration when flying so please be aware of delays or backed up flying.

We try and use our time the best we can but please be patient with all the things we need to do on these change over days.

You will receive your hunting licenses and tags and some custom cape and horn tags- make sure you keep these with you at all times and don’t loose them. (Tags and License will need to be signed before valid. Don’t forget!)

If Harvest fees are required you will need to pay these BEFORE you go out to camp. NO PERSONAL CHECKS ARE ACCEPTED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES (Certified Bank, or Cash only) In the past we have had issue with this and trusting some (what we thought) were solid guys. Sorry for the inconvenience. These fees will be kept in a safe place and returned at the completion of the hunt if that species is not taken.

License,Tags, WCF,Taxes, Gov Royalties, unscheduled flights , meat processing, expediting / shipping or taxidermy related costs are not included.

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