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Host Jeremy from Michigan with Kimber. View profile & listings here.

Venku helps you earn income from your outdoor experience or property. As a Host, you can create a listing with your own rules and include dates that fit your schedule. There is NO cost to sign-up or create a listing. It's free!


Hosts can be outdoor service providers like hunting guides & outfitters, fishing guides, charter captains, and eco-tour providers. Private landowners can also sign up to earn extra money from their property by hosting RV spots, campsites, hunting access, fishing holes, hiking, biking, birdwatching, trail-riding, kayaking, canoeing, stand-up paddle-boarding...anything outdoors!


There are a million reasons why you might want to list an opportunity on Venku.


We don’t charge you a cent to publish a listing on our site. Gain access to millions of folks everyday that are looking for new and exciting ways to get outdoors. Log in, click on the Create a Listing button, fill out an easy to understand form, upload some pics and publish your listing for the whole world to see. Yes, it’s that easy.


List on Venku to showcase hunting and fishing property or experiences, campsites & RV hookups, guided trips, hikes, tours, or educational outings. 

If you need some inspiration, take a look at the listings already available on the site. You'll find unique getaways, curated hunting packages, scenic tours, and once-in-a-lifetime packages.


If you'd like us to create your listings for you, submit this form and we'll be in touch right away. 

Become A Host

Image Credit Courtesy of Canadian Host Dustin. View profile & listings.


After creating your account, you can list an opportunity. There is a minor review process to make sure your listing is up to snuff, but you decide when it's live and ready for booking.

We provide you with a dashboard to add and manage listings, interact with other community members and write reviews for folks who have booked with you. 

In your listing you can describe the opportunity in as much detail as you like, establishing pricing policy, laying out additional charges and fees, describing particular amenities or perhaps items to bring.

We encourage you to post your own rules dictating standards of behavior you expect from users. If your pond is catch and release, post it. If you don’t allow four wheelers, post it. No alcohol, post it. You get the idea. You are doing us all a favor by listing and providing access, fellow community members will follow your rules. Because all users are required to log in and create a profile, you will actually know quite a bit about the folks who request to book your property. You can check out their bio, facebook or linkedin page and read reviews that other Hosts have posted concerning them and their conduct. 

The best part? Venku collects the funds you stipulate and will deposit them directly into your bank account. No awkward conversations about money or losing out on the rest of your payment. By the time a guest visits enjoys their experience, the financial details have been agreed upon and the transaction has already taken place.


There are two ways to get started:

1) Create an account and list your opportunity 


2) Contact our Outdoor Experience Experts to help you get your account started.

How it Works


How It Works Create an Account

Signing up is easy. Just click the link above and submit your information.


How It Works Get Verified

Follow the links in your confirmation email to complete your account and verify your information on your Dashboard.


How It Works Create a Listing

Click the button and follow the instructions to create a FREE listing. Your work will save automatically and you'll be able to access all listings, requests and messages from your Dashboard.


How It Works Make Money

Manage booking requests and messages through your Dashboard and get paid as soon as the booking is completed.

Need help? Have questions?

Trust & Safety

Allowing other like-minded folks to use your land or join you on an adventure should be a piece of cake. With our verification and review process, you can get to know your fellow Hosts and Users so you feel comfortable.
Additionally, Venku handles the payment transaction from start to finish. Stripe payments provide a secure and proven platform. Users pay through Venku at the time of booking. Hosts receive payments from Venku within 48 hours after user check-in and successful completion of the booked opportunity. With comprehensive end of year reporting, we handle the heavy lifting.


Users and Hosts verify their ID's by confirming personal details or connecting to social networks


Learn more about a User or Host before booking adventures using detailed profiles and reviews.


Use our secure messaging system to connect with a Host or User before booking.

Hey, it’s not a perfect world and although we expect the most from our Users, rest assured, Venku will do it’s best to make sure that all Users and Hosts alike are held to a high standard. If a User racks up several substandard reviews or even one horrible review that is substantiated, we will get to the bottom of it. If warranted, they will be removed from the site. The same goes for Hosts: if the property or opportunity is misrepresented or the Host’s behavior goes against our Terms of Use and the complaint is substantiated, we will remove the listing and deny them access to the site. Our goal is to provide a marketplace that works for both Users and Hosts providing good value adventures and respectful Users. To this end we encourage you to report bad actors and write reviews when prompted.


Providing a secure platform that connects both Users and Hosts is our main goal. While we work on getting blanket insurance coverage for our Hosts, a simple homeowners or commercial policy is a great way to ensure you and your property are protected!

Check out our partners at Outdoor Underwriters for quality, inexpensive coverage that is the perfect fit for your property or outdoor opportunity.