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Zach R Host

Hi, I'm Zach

I've been a member since February 2021

Zach offers Catfish, Crappie, Spoonbill, Whitebass, Trips on Grand Lake, Oologah Lake, & Ft. Gibson Lake.

"I believe there is so much more that goes into having a good fishing guide than being with someone who simply knows where to find the fish, how to catch the fish, how to teach extremely well, and how to have a professional attitude. Zack did all of these things for my buddy, Turner, and I, but one of my favorite things about going out to go fishing with Zack was that he made the whole experience incredibly fun and shared stories with us and was very kind, patient, and considerate in every way. It was very easy to tell from the very beginning of the trip, when we went Spoonbill fishing, that Zack knew Grand Lake like the back of his hand and that we were going to be in for a great ride and an awesome experience. I really couldn’t imagine going fishing with a professional guide on Grand with anyone else. I definitely give him a five star rating and would recommend him to anyone at all who wants to go Spoonbill Fishing or any other type of fishing." - Micheal H

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