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30 years in the hunting business! A full-time staff and we hunt 7 days a week 365! We are the only full-time business that offers helicopter pig hunting in Texas and the whole United States. As the company grew Travis saw a need to add aviation to the business model and branched into helicopter pig hunts. Over the last ten years Travis has expanded the Heli Hunting Business acquiring over 2.5 million acres, eleven helicopters, a full time staff, private chef and professional pilots. SKILLS Pilot | FFL | SOT Holder | Biologist

Rob is a Pro Staff fishing and hunting guide and has a wealth of knowledge of all products in the fishing and hunting industry along with 9 years of working in the marine industry. Rob is very good at working with both adults and children in fishing tournaments. He enjoys promoting the sport of fishing and hunting to further enhance future generations of outdoors men. The company continued to grow and expand to an international hunting operation. They began hunting South Africa adding Spain, Argentina, Turkey, Mongolia, Tanzania, and New Zealand, expanding into the Heli Hunting business over the past ten years. 29 Years in the Hunting Business 1990 – 2020 EDUCATION Permian High School 1990 Angelo State University / BS Animal Science | Biology | Chemistry |1994

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