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Pat & Jared S Host

Hi, I'm Pat & Jared

I've been a member since March 2021

We are firm believers that harvesting your animal is only part of the experience—so we guide in a way that allows our guests to truly experience the “pursuit” and not just the shot at the end of the day.

Since 2007, Pat and Jared have been providing their clients with exceptional guided hunts and outdoor experiences—all from the place they call home. Southeastern Wyoming has been central to the lives of the family for years, and their wealth of knowledge about the land and the animals that live there is unparalleled—guaranteeing you an enjoyable, worthwhile, and rewarding hunt each and every trip. They were founded on a passion to create memorable hunts and provide trophy-level animals, and the team pride themselves on excellent game management and property care. While trophies are pursued, smaller, younger game is left alone to reach maximum maturity. Pat, Jared and the rest of the staff are avid hunters and outdoorsmen, retaining a professional manner as they share their love of the sport. Your hunt with us should not only be successful, but memorable and entertaining—pairing you with expert guides that are as courteous and fun as they are knowledgable. From the moment you rise on the morning of your hunt to the instant your head hits the pillow at night, your trip should be one that leaves you craving for more.

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