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Hi, I'm Byron

I've been a member since October 2020

“The best bass fishing my guests and I have ever experienced. Growing up in Florida I’ve heard the stories old timers have told about how great the fishing used to be here, well…I’ve taken them out on a trip with Byron and they’ve said they’ve never seen it as good! There is nothing like it anywhere. Can’t wait to go back!” Brad

“We fished with captain Byron on short notice. Cptn Byron took us on an amazing airboat ride through some of Florida’s most beautiful back country. We saw numerous alligators and caught lot’s of large mouth bass. My husband and I probably caught 50 bass in a couple of hours with the largest being in the 7lb range. We would definitely recommend this trip for anyone wanting to catch some really nice large mouth and hang out with a really knowledgeable Florida cracker.”

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