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Hi, I'm Brandon

I've been a member since August 2022

Amazing hunting and fishing at a resort-like facility – our lodge is ready for you, your family and friends, or even corporate events. First-class is the standard in all we offer. Established as a rustic sportsman's paradise, we make sure that you experience all the luxuries of a top-tier resort combined with the thrill of your favorite hunts.

Brandon started deer hunting at an early age like most of us in the south. He REALLY started hunting around the age of 10 when he was introduced to turkey and duck hunting by his step-father Paul. Deer hunting was a way for him to get in the outdoors but there was something about that distant gobble in a hardwood bottom that sparked a fire. This is a fire that still leaves us wondering what time he’ll show up to work most mornings in the spring! Outside of the outdoors Brandon’s proudest achievement is raising two kids in the world we live in today! He says, “It is not an easy task and the lines are blurred but I am able to trust in One that is bigger than ALL the “stuff” that is around us! I enjoy working outdoors in God’s creation on a daily basis and striving to be more like Christ every day. Most days I fail miserably but that’s what is so great. He gives us grace and mercy. Trying to instill that truth in my kids is what I am proudest of.” Brandon is married to Kelley and they have two children, Camilla and Crosby. Brandon’s hobbies include: boat rides with kids, duck and turkey hunting (or turkey missing), Sunday drives with the family, and volunteering at Fairhaven Baptist Church, and Kairos Prison Ministries.

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