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Hi, I'm Armando

I've been a member since June 2021

Founded in the year of 2000 as company dedicated to provide the best hunting Mexico has to offer such as Mule deer, Desert Bighorn sheep, Coues deer, Brocket deer, Gould’s turkey, Ocellated turkey, several of the Whitetail sub-species and hot barrel wingshooting for dove, quail, waterfowl and pheasants. Through the years we have selected prime hunting ranches that will provide the best possible trophy in the area and have also worked hard to search the most remarkable guides every region has to offer in order to supply the first class service and experience a client expect when hunting in Mexico.

We will provide you the most complete variety of game species in Mexico in our different locations around the country. From desert Bighorn Sheep & desert Mule deer in our Sonoran desert ranches; our Gould´s turkey and Coues deer at the middle of the mystic mountain ranges of the Sierra Madres; Fantastic wingshooting for dove, scaled quail & waterfowl at the high plateau of north central Mexico; wild pheasants in the Mexicali valley area; or you can immerse in the mystery of our Yucatan Peninsula jungle concession for Ocellated turkey, Brocket deer, White Lipped Peccary and several other interesting creatures. And for the collectors, you can hunt all of the new whitetail subspecies recognized by SCI: Central Plateau, Carmen Mountain, Central American, Gulf Coast, Pacific coast as well as the Crooki desert mule deer and Baja blacktail Our more than 800,000 acres of prime private hunting land, allow us to provide our clients with the best trophy opportunity and a promising true old Mexico outdoor experience. Come and join us for a Mexican trophy of a lifetime!!!

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